The Proof Is Here!

Please believe I have dated Chuck Smith too! Don’t believe me? The proof is right here hunni! Do black girls realize how stupid they look to white girls when they wear fake hair to look like us? Why not wear your natural hair since your on CelebMasta your soooo pro black? You hate white people (let’s be real) than you wear fake hair that is not natural to an African American. Do you realize every white person is laughing at you especially when you scream pro black or black power, your only fooling yourself. Please do yourself a favor, be all or nothing. Funny how when a black chick goes natural it’s a big thing, a article even, this tells you its a crisis. Be YOU entirely, otherwise your fooling yourself, not us! December 22 at 8:30pm / Log in to Reply Seddy Umm… First of all Miss Sunshineandrain… you need to go back to school and learn the difference between your and and you’re.. 2ndly, I am quite sure that a BOSS like NeNe Leaks is not trying to be anything remotely close to white. She does her hair the way she wants it done, and salty chicks like you will continue to hate. Heres some more advice… learn to utilize spell check before lining your fingers along the home keys in an attempt to put anyone in check in the future. How the f#ck u gon attempt to read someone with spelling and grammar mistakes that a 5th grader wouldn’t make? Have several seats! December 22 at 9:02pm / Log in to Reply ElishaQueen Penny Love it! Seddy December 23 at 12:39pm / Log in to Reply Defining_Fab Yesssss! Amen! December 23 at 1:12pm / Log in to Reply Nita72 This has to be a child, no adult would be so silly. December 23 at 1:13pm / Log in to Reply Chris Martin-Nicholson Wow, this is not only ignorant but you really sound foolish. The lies you tell! Contrary to your belief, there are African American women that are naturally blond. Furthermore women wear all types of hairstyles and colors, but it does not denote that anyone is trying to be anything other than what they are. Several white women have and do wear weave or hair extensions (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian) to name a few. Didn’t realize how stupid some people could be, until now. December 23 at 1:23pm / Log in to Reply wlakisha19 Damn right Seddy!!! And to Sunshine (Rainfall I’m call you) Why the f*ck you getting mad over our own black men..lil white girl go tan and get a corn roll or^t white girl get weaves ?everyday?..tan ?everyday? risking skin cancer ?everyday? trying to become ?darker??so ya’ll white buckets can look like us beautiful african american sista’s… why don?t ya?ll pale ass try for once and be natural?girl I shouldn?t have said a thing because my sista?s is already on yo ignorant ass?ya?ll white men must not be that ?IT? hah???? December 23 at 2:02pm / Log in to Reply CaramelDLight86 Lmbo Tell it Seddy?? December 23 at 2:50pm / Log in to Reply Jackie Carrington couldn’t of said it better….thank you seddy 🙂 December 23 at 4:06pm / Log in to Reply Jae Murphy Payne Ms. Seedy, You put Ms. sunshineandrain in her place ever so nicely. She had a lot to say but it was all garbage. She will never understand the many layers of the Black Women. And if she felt that NeNe hates white people why is she on NeNe’s site, just stupidness on her part. December 23 at 4:19pm / Log in to Reply Adrienne Gladish Excuse me sunshineandrain, do not speak on behalf of all white women’s opinions of our African American Sisters! It is females like you that disgust me and make us look ignorant and stupid even though not all of us have the same opinion. Please refrain from giving us all a bad rep. God made us to love and not hate, last time I checked we all bled red!! All women have the right to style herself to look and feel her best. Mrs. Nene Leakes also has the financial ability to do as she pleases so stay in your lane Sista!!!!!!! Consider yourself read!! December 23 at 6:42pm / Log in to Reply Tina McClellan Don’t miss the fact that any word starting with a vowel the previous word should be “an” girl educate yourself before you try reading someone….. Now who looks stupid why don’t you stop faking you’re acting as though you are educated but you’re not… Notice how I used “your” and “you’re” correctly…. Get a life December 23 at 7:21pm / Log in to Reply Diamond P Yes indeed she went way out of line posting that foolishness about NeNe she better get her December 23 at 9:38pm / Log in to Reply Lauryn Overbey Yessssss!!!! Take several HUN-TEE!!!!!! December 24 at 9:31am / Log in to Reply Roselaure Anstral Debora Ross R U serious.? We lay out in the sun to be more tanned and you are so stupid to say something like this. Everyone wants to look their best rather it be with makeup, hair or skin enhancements.. Get a life and get with things my dear. Stop being a hater! December 23 at 10:41am / Log in to Reply Tina McClellan Dido that!!! December 23 at 7:24pm / Log in to Reply Diane Williams White girls wear fake hair as well. Case in point, Kim and hers really does look fake. Only ignorant people such as yourself are laughing. Our tans are natural can you say the same thing. Something for you to ponder on your soap box – Your way of thinking is so dated, who in 2013 uses the phrase “black power”. Instead of making derogatory remarks about women of color, take a course in English and spelling, that would serve you better, and that’s a “read” December 23 at 10:50am / Log in to Reply ElishaQueen Penny Lol, I Totally Agree!!!!!!!! December 23 at 12:40pm / Log in to Reply vhmu How dumb are you Diane? Kim k is ARMENIAN which is middle eastern. Not a drop of white in here. Lol get it together December 23 at 2:37pm / Log in to Reply vhmu Her* December 23 at 2:38pm / Log in to Reply stonecold pretty sure she’s talking about kim zolciak. also: kim k is half armenian. on her mother’s side she’s british, irish, dutch, and a whole other mix of white. awkward. December 23 at 4:36pm / Log in to Reply Diane Williams Not as dumb as you. She is half white if what you say is true. Regardless, of what you say the white half of her wears fake hair. There is more than a drop of white in her if her mothers side is British. How dare you resort to name calling – I’m not dumb at all probably more educated then you. December 23 at 4:52pm / Log in to Reply lawdr13 Seriously sunshineandrain? I am more than certain that from the tone of your post that you are either: 1) under the age of 18 or 2) intimidated by black women for whatever reason. Implying that black women wear fake hair to look like “us” is about as asinine as a black woman stating that white women tan to look like black women or they get reslin lip injections to have more ethnic features. Please re-read your statement and then go into the mirror and do some self-reflection because I think you are unhappy with yourself. Furthermore, plenty of white women wear hair extensions (i.e. Jessica Simpson, Kim K, Brittany Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, etc); and that is only a few of them. Are these white women trying to be “more” white wearing the extensions or do they wish to be Indian since that is where the hair comes from. Just something to ponder. December 23 at 10:51am / Log in to Reply Melissa Relf So what do you say about the white girls who tan, wear corn rows and inject themselves with fillers to look like us????? I have been natural WAY before the movement began and I will STILL wear weave, wigs and braids if I so choose to….and will continue yelling PRO BLACK……the problem lies with our oppressor constantly telling us how we should feel and think….your comment is NO different….who cares what white people think of us…that’s been the problem ALL ALONG….THE FACT IS white people hate themselves….they are the ones who have through out history STOLEN AND DESTORIED other people’s cultures…..and are continuing to do so….learn real history and not what was fed to you December 23 at 11:23am / Log in to Reply justme You are incredibly ignorant and please don’t speak for “every white person”! I for one “white person” thinks Nene’s hair looks fabulous. I’m pretty sure the only reason you have a problem with it is she pulls it off way more fabulously than you could ever dream to. December 23 at 11:26am / Log in to Reply cookielavajada Oh sweety NOOOO…now I cannot speak for ALL black females just the ones in my circle…and we LOVE having OPTIONS!!! I WILL BE BLONDE ONE DAY AND HAVE PURPLE HAIR THE NEXT AND TRUST ME NEITHER YOU NOR BARNEY ARE WHO I WANT TO BE LIKE! my bad for yelling but this type rhetoric annoys me!!!! I want to be the best me everyday look my best and appeal to me 1st and my man 2ndly…Education, grammar etc is something you should emulate in any race!!! have a blessed day! December 23 at 11:49am / Log in to Reply riaisma I really feel sadness for you because you are really ignorant. Look deep inside yourself and realize that it is not people of color that you really mad at, it’s yourself. I know that you don’t know no better. Please get it together and stop being a ATTENTION WHORE!! December 23 at 12:26pm / Log in to Reply ElishaQueen Penny Please proof read before posting. Because you are not only showing that most of y’all can’t add but spell as well!!!! Focus on that and not what we put in our heads….. December 23 at 12:38pm / Log in to Reply lapuddin Ok it was really to much to pass up first spell check before you try to say something so stupid. Ain’t just white folks that have long hair. And for adding to your hair seems to be in with white folks as well who don’t have thick hair. And you say “let be real” ok stay out of the sun trying to get your skin color darker or getting spray tanned to have your skin darker. People have the right to do anything they choose to do and it has nothing to do with race. This was just a moment i took out of my time to answer someone that is a idiot. Oh one more thing why white women always looking for a black male. Be real now. December 23 at 12:53pm / Log in to Reply Nita72 Dear Miss. Sunshineandrain: I would first like to begin by saying that you are pathetic. You and other white women like you are and always will be inferior too black women. No matter how much you tan! No matter how many Botox lustfuls you may get for your prematurely aging skin. There are no magic creams, lifts, or lasers.You can also continue to add silicone to your frail ass, and your flat chest to create a full figured looking woman; like that of what white men secretly desire. So, while we may straighten our hair and indulge in a little lipo. Nothing we have done compares to how white women endanger there health daily, to display an image in which black women possess naturally. Mind you our naturally full figured breast have fed your babies. And when your masculine body could not satisfy your husbands it’s our beds that they would seek warmth and satisfaction. Pro black has nothing to do with how we manager our hair silly little girl. Black people by nature are creative, multifaceted and have always expressed our selves with our hair. Look white? Girl stop! My black is beautiful! . December 23 at 12:57pm / Log in to Reply Nina Joyce Oliver Turner JUST SHUT UP! December 23 at 1:09pm / Log in to Reply kenyaspeaks Sunshineandrain – You are not white. You sound like a black woman who has gone natural and is now ENSLAVED by the ideology that natural hair is going to free you from your insecurities and depression. You need to realize that it’s not what’s on your head but inside your head that counts. Natural does not equal intelligence. White people don’t care about black women’s hair. And as a sista, I’ve worn my hair from locs to my ass to a weave. So please, PICK UP A BOOK. December 23 at 1:22pm / Log in to Reply Nita72 AGREE! December 23 at 1:38pm / Log in to Reply Jennifer LadyJay Boyd Ummm Miss Sunshineanddrain, do you realize (that’s how you spell that word) how stupid white girls look to black girls when their skin is unnaturally dark? Do you realize how proud us black girls are when it comes to our skin color? Do you realize how stupid you white girls look to us when we see emerge from the tanning bed trying to get like us? Do you really think us black girls/women want to be like a white girl? I’m gonna answer that question for you, NO! We black women are very proud of who we are!! What we see, more than anything, is a white woman trying to be black, i.e. Hair extensions (yes yall bitches do them too), skin color, and oh yes MEN! You need to be very careful what you put into the virtual for all to see. You appear to be an uneducated jealous person. As Seddy said, ‘Go have plenty seats’, and GET YO LIFE!!! December 23 at 1:29pm / Log in to Reply Nita72 AGREE! December 23 at 1:41pm / Log in to Reply Michelle Piper-Matthews I just felt like sharing that I feel you’re an idiot, so sad. -just wanted to get that out. I feel better now. Thanks. -such a waste of a pretty username sunshineandrain. Just keep in mind dear… ashes to ashes dust to dust. -we all go that route. Anything in between is simply a test via the scenic route. Happy Holidays my dear… and God bless sister. lol 🙂 December 23 at 1:35pm / Log in to Reply pbobbitt1 Actually sunshineandrain please DO NOT speak for “us” white women! NeNe looks absolutely beautiful in her hair no matter what color or shape she has. She is a beautiful woman. And it’s people like you that really need to step back and take a look at yourself. You know what they say “misery loves company” and you sound like you are very miserable with yourself trying to being others down. December 23 at 1:44pm / Log in to Reply Nina Huyana Child… what in the hell are you talking about? Hair like fingernails are an accessory… If they want to throw on wigs, weaves, dyes, and the like well damn I think they should be entitled to them. Just like WHITE PEOPLE can do the same. Who the hell are these YOUs you’re speaking off when you say they hate white people? ALSO DINGBAT black people come from EVERYWHERE. They aren’t just African Americans. There are black CUBANS, DOMINICANS, PUERTO RICANS, and INDIANS and would you believe they have STRAIGHT FINE HAIR just like white people do? And its NATURAL! I know it’s shocking… that you could be this ignorant but… never fear I am here to help. December 23 at 1:58pm / Log in to Reply nottheone POW POW, I LOVE YOUR RESPONSE December 24 at 12:18am / Log in to Reply kimmyd67 Obviously you are illiterate, your spelling is off the chain & you do not know the proper use of the words! You need to focus on your education rather than someone who has made something of themselves..girl boo!! December 23 at 2:29pm / Log in to Reply bnikkibar YOU’RE STUPID!….White women have been wearing weaves/wigs since the test of time….the only one that hates anyone, clearly is you…go somewhere please! December 23 at 2:34pm / Log in to Reply carmella fairley Sunshineandrain , SHUT THE FUCK UP, YALL WHITE ASSES, GET ASS SHOTS to make your men more attracted to u, yall get tan cause yall wanna be dark, and ya ass get lip injections to make them fuller like ours! Keep on yall bitches gone die tryna be black!! We were weave cause we WANT TO, NOT TO LOOK LIKE YALL ASS December 23 at 3:09pm / Log in to Reply Andy Kaks Wake up, hair is just an accessory just like your shoes and earrings. White women color their hair all different colors…does that make them stupid? Go get educated!!! December 23 at 3:42pm / Log in to Reply siriusstar sunshineandrain DO NOT SPEAK FOR THIS WHITE GIRL! NeNe looks lustful! I KNOW she can rock the look far better than you. Just because you want to be a stupid racist does not give you the right to speak for all white people. I am as white as it gets and I can PROMISE you I do not laugh at NeNe because of her look. Now the stuff that comes out of her mouth? Hell Ya! She is too freakin funny not to. You know I honestly cannot stand people like you. It is because of you that racism still exists. December 23 at 3:46pm / Log in to Reply Charisse A Hill Never heard Nene or any other black women scream BLACK POWER. Now lets talk about your ignorant ass comment. The majority or African American women wear weave for different reasons and IT DAMN sure isn’t because we want to be white. Most of us LOVE a variety of different styles whether it be a super short crop pixie cut, braids, or weave down to our feet. Bysides, the weave hair we wear when we choose to wear it does not come from any white women. Please be advised that the weave hair (if we prefer it) comes form Malaysia, India, Brazil and so on and so forth. I would never ever want to wear any weave hair that came from Sweden, Ireland, Russia, Germany or any European country for that matter. December 23 at 4:06pm / Log in to Reply Tahla Msonedeep Rose What about the white girls thats dying to be with our BLACK men dying to have our BLACK figured bodies want to be BLACK imitating us in every way imaginable trying to be down ie (Miley Cyrus) trying to be down WE dont want to be white baby BLACK is BEAUTIFUL, FLAWLESS and SEXY we can wear any hair any clothes any labels and white chics STILL aint got nothing on us as NeNe says the ” THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED” and its time you recognized that we are her we can do you and us and still kill it we are who we are why to be white when BLACK is where its at December 23 at 4:34pm / Log in to Reply Jae Murphy Payne Well Ms. sunshineandrain, If you feel that NeNe hates white people, answer me this. Why are you on her site? Plus I don’t remember her saying she hated white people, just one white person in general cause the bitch is phony and that is Kim Z. So you made your self look really goofy trying to trash someone and you don’t or didn’t have your facts straight. So my advice to you is have you words and facts straight before you try and go “HAM” on somebody. Now Amazes me is that Most white women or grls want our beown skin and lips but hate the very ground we walk on, and that’s because you were taught an shown that while growing up. You grown now go out and meet and Black Women, and if you to scare to meet someone as brown as NeNe then start on the lighter side of the Black Women’s shade chart because we have an array of shades in our repertoire…#That Is All #You Tried it #We Won #Have Several Seats #Foolish December 23 at 4:42pm / Log in to Reply HoneybHustle Did she just say pro black and black power ???? bwahahahaha ! Sweetie did you ever stop to realize that Black Girls DO NOT CARE what white girls think ? ? ? ? Did you ever stop to realize that we are NOT trying to FOOL you or anyone else for that matter ? Why are you even reading articles about black hair and going natural ? Good or Bad , you are CLEARLY OBSESSED with black people and black culture. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here, on this website Stalking NeNe. You are totally embarrassing white girls everywhere with your comment. We think you are stupid, uneducated and we are all laughing at you. There are double standards for EVERY situation sweetie. For every point you lamely tried to make, I can come up with two that white girls do. ALL girls of color laughed and shook their heads at….. 1.) Butt implants – Kim Kardashians 2.) Lip injections – Lisa Rinnas 3.) Tanning – nearly the whole Jersey Shore Cast 4.) Twerking – Miley Cyrus Need I go on…….. Stupid Silly Stalking SadSunshineRainStorm you need to get a life, a dictionary, a new hobby and a makeover, because that is a hideous shade of envy that you’re wearing. Have several Seats Boo ! December 23 at 9:34pm / Log in to Reply nottheone Do you not realize how stupid you sound, chick no one wants to be white, whites want to be use. You want ass like us so you go get implants and botox, you want hips and full lips like us. Whites try to dance like us and lets not forget the most important, you want our black mens…now do you not know we laugh at you. But um, it sounds like you are just another bitter ass hating white girl..but guess what boo boo black give color to everything, every color that it is from black…you dumb fuck…now how bout that one BITCHHHHH December 24 at 12:14am / Log in to Reply Lyrical Max Do you realize how stupid some of you “white” girls, especially you, translation, who lack pigmentation and melanin in your skin look with a fake a** tan to “black” women who naturally come in all brown shades of the color spectrum? Do you know how fake you look when you pump your thin almost non-existent lips up with collagen? Do you know how fake you look when you buy fake breasts and fake a**es when most of your a**es are naturally flat? Do you know how ridiculous you look when you practically starve yourself to death to be skinny? That’s your warped standard of beauty perpetuated by your biased media. Do you know how you look to us and sound when you steal our vernacular, our singing style, dancing with no rhythm and music and claim it as your own? I am not an African American, just a citizen born in the United States of America. If I were to be called an African American, be sure to add European American and Native American. Most of all, most of you look ridiculous with that bleached blond, stringy hair and weave……extensions my a**. So you need to sit down with that false sense of superiority and love yourself. Intimidated much by confident, “black” women? Hate some of our beauty? Your ignorance and racism is showing. *Drops mic.* December 22 at 9:22pm / Log in to Reply drt102775 LMAO now, that’s a *read*!! luv it December 23 at 11:31am / Log in to Reply drt102775 I FORGOT, BLOOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO December 23 at 11:36am / Log in to Reply Arnold Hennessy Your comment does not make you sound any more intelligent than sunshine and rain. In fact it makes you sound just as ignorant to generalize a whole race. Contrary to what you believe not all white people are born with “natural flat asses” or any other ignorant generalization you made. Congratulations! In trying to prove your point you just proved that you could be just as ignorant as the person you were trying to prove your point to. Good luck with that! December 23 at 11:46am / Log in to Reply shantal28 AHahahahaha well done my sister!!! December 23 at 11:50am / Log in to Reply Nita72 WELL DAMN!!! December 23 at 1:44pm / Log in to Reply carmella fairley Right KMSL LOVE THIS # DROPS MIC December 23 at 3:11pm / Log in to Reply Jae Murphy Payne D**N!!!! You laid into her a**…well said though. Giving You a Round of Applause…:) December 23 at 4:57pm / Log in to Reply Deanna Sturdivant sunshine please get your ignorant ass off this thread with your ignorant ass comment!!! You sound like a dummy December 23 at 10:38am / Log in to Reply Justagirl Ladies, ladies….can’t we all just get along? There are so many things in both of your statements that perpetuate the separation of women in our society. Bottom line – to each his own. Stop hating so much and you might see a little change in the world regarding racism. You have to start somewhere! But alas…ignorance is bliss to some! December 23 at 10:44am / Log in to Reply Fatma Howard Stay beautiful and Fabulous Ladies! Ignore ignorant people along with their hatred and stupidity. Not all black women wear hair weaves just as well as white women who don’t have long hair. But really who cares? as long as you love the skin you’re in and you are doing your part in making this world a better place….Do you! Love for your sister what you love for yourself! December 23 at 10:47am / Log in to Reply Diane Williams Amen! December 23 at 10:53am / Log in to Reply Thyria Jones The beauty of the Black woman allows us to wear any kind of hair, any color, style, or length, even baldness, and do it with beauty . Blackness is the presence of all color. When white women wear black hair styles, it looks downright pitiful! Whiteness is the absence of all color. We are the magnificent exotic beauties of the human female palette. We can do it all…….and we do. December 23 at 10:51am / Log in to Reply mzamanda Wow some people are really dumb. First of all black women been adding extension to their hair, wearing wigs, makeup and jewelry before Christ was born. That’s BC time ignorant ass white girl. I could be hateful and say NENE not trying to be white bc she don’t smell like wet dog or shower every other day but I would I will tell you I’m probably 99.9 percent sure no black woman wants to be white. Honey that’s how diseases spreader to US and rest of the world so does the gene of bad teeth. Last but not least the picture is a lie NENE is a black princess she not kissing no one with that big ass ring Greg brought her December 23 at 11:04am / Log in to Reply Arnold Hennessy Your just as ignorant as the original poster. Bad teeth gene? Nonsense. What a ridiculous and stretching remark. Oh and for the record the size of someone’s jewelry doesn’t make them a good or bad person. That’s just idiotic in itself. You should check your historical facts. They are a little short sided MZAMANDA December 23 at 11:52am / Log in to Reply megan @ sunshine, do you realize how stupid you look when you spell realize wrong? You are hooked on hair, and you need to be hooked on phonics! Hair does not make you look stupid. Stupid makes you look stupid STUPID! December 23 at 11:06am / Log in to Reply shell I think what sunshineandrain really means is I am very upset that this black girl who came in as a regular person, and has now become a millionaire and she’s wearing my hair color while she’s doing it. BOOP! Girl get somewhere and sit your butt down! December 23 at 11:07am / Log in to Reply megan And how do you feel about white people who wear dreads? December 23 at 11:08am / Log in to Reply shell Oh and the word is realize there is no s in the word. Please go back to school. December 23 at 11:11am / Log in to Reply Comekia Sylvester thats not nene…lol December 23 at 11:15am / Log in to Reply Comekia Sylvester i meant that is not right nene….. good joke though, this is u now ring and all… i get it kmsl December 23 at 11:19am / Log in to Reply Arnold Hennessy Using bigotry and ignorance to retaliate against bigotry and ignorance makes you no better than the ignorant fool who originally posted this ridiculous comment. I come from a mixed race marriage. I can tell you that I found love and beauty from both sides. For the ignorant ass that implied all white people are naturally born with flat asses etc.? You are just as ignorant and sound as uneducated as sunshine and rain! December 23 at 11:33am / Log in to Reply Justagirl Come on girls…become a little more cultured. Realise vs. Realize. This is the internet. There are people from all over the world using it. December 23 at 11:37am / Log in to Reply riaisma It’s really sad when some one like sunshine and rain leave these ridiculous comments. It saddens me that someone can be so hateful but yet so ignorant. She really lacks the knowledge to know better. If she knew better or even cared to learn she wouldn’t make such juvenile remarks. Who cares how anybody wears their hair because at the end of the day it’s THEIRS. By everybody responding to her comment, it’s really giving her what she wants!! ATTENTION December 23 at 12:21pm / Log in to Reply fabulous53 Nene seem like that fool had community property written cross his forehead!!!!! Lol!!! December 23 at 12:22pm / Log in to Reply Lori Miller i dont understand why any woman cant just embrace who she is and love herself for who she is…it doesn’t matter what u do to urself on the outside becuz if ur ugly on the inside it makes u ugly on the outside as soon as u open ur mouth…no one is ever happy with themselves i.e people with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa, people who are curvy say they are fat, blah blah blah…just love urself ladies and stop trying to conform to who society says u should be…Nene does what she does becuz SHE CAN and she certainly looks FAB whatever she decides to do…we have all seen pics of Nene even without her makeup and fancy clothes and she STILL looks great!! again ladies just remember who u are and focus on improving who u are for YOURSELF becuz u will never find happiness in making urself better for anyone other than YOURSELF!! December 23 at 1:13pm / Log in to Reply Amit Cohen OMG such ignorance!!! All i want to say is NENE IS NOT TRYING TO BE ANYBODY BUT WHO SHE IS!! Ive watched her from the start and she has always been real, sometimes to much!! LOL but you have to give her here props, shes doing her thing and I love watching her!! If you think shes fake and all that why you watching her so hard. Anyway you are all just haters and thats the truth!! #TEAMNENE!! Keep doing what you doing and ill keep watching!! Much love from the Bronx!! December 23 at 1:39pm / Log in to Reply wlakisha19 Why the f*ck you getting mad over our own black men..lil white girl go tan and get a corn roll or two..shit white girl get weaves “everyday”..tan “everyday” risking skin cancer “everyday” trying to become “darker”…so why don’t ya’ll pale ass try for once and be natural…girl I shouldn’t have said a thing because my sista’s is already on yo ingorant ass…ya’ll white men must not be that “IT” hah???? December 23 at 1:51pm / Log in to Reply wifenproudmom27 Yuck!!!!! It amazes me the type of ignorance some of you Caucasians have acquired over time..Oh by the way that word Caucasian is a more educated way to say white idiot!!!!! You are what’s wrong with the world you need to definitely do some self searching and find out just when and how you became so ignorant…. it’s sad really I pray whoever has led you in such deceptive ways is removed from your life immediately…. no one is born as ignorant as you it’s most definitely taught!!!! Investment in grammer and spelling of the English language would do you much better then writing such racist and ignorant comments ….like my fellow sistas have stated in my biggest Nene Leeks voice have your dumb ass several seats!!!! 🙂 :):):):) December 23 at 2:21pm / Log in to Reply Prince Jarvis Nene, you know how to get the people talking. Nice Christmas joke!!! December 23 at 2:34pm / Log in to Reply Rita Cherino Every Woman at one time or another has done something to make themselves feel/look prettier. My question is, why does it matter what color our skin is? It doesn’t! Just goes to show that there are a lot more ignorant people in this world. I say if you wanna wear a wig/hair extensions, have fake nails, go tanning. If that’s what makes you feel pretty, go for it. Who am I or anyone else to judge? December 23 at 2:48pm / Log in to Reply liz76 People really why all the racism December 23 at 3:04pm / Log in to Reply liz76 No one should of responded to her ugly nasty racist comments with more ugly racist comments. I am a white woman that happens to love NeNe for the fact she is who she is and I love that in a person. I also don’t feel she is trying to be white, but instead just herself, since when does hair color belong to a race? You also said all white people, please speak for yourself in such an ugly tone, cause this White Girl does not agree. I also hope you are not a parent teaching and continuing to raise more little people with such ugly and mean ways against our fellow humans. December 23 at 3:13pm / Log in to Reply juliebinsocal Seddy, it’s here’s, with an apostrophe. And “gon” is not a word. I love it when people rag on others’ grammar and spelling when what they need to do is take their own advice. If you’re going to read, write, and erase someone in print, in a public forum, you might want to be 100% on point. That goes for all who suggest spell check but drop comments rife with failure. Suneshineandrain, Nene is fabulous and certainly doesn’t need the approval of a dim-witted bimbette who would resort to race-baiting to feel better about her own self. Feel free to step away from the computer if you don’t like her. December 23 at 3:45pm / Log in to Reply AuntieM Thank you JulieB.. You said it best.. And correctly I might add.. December 23 at 6:20pm / Log in to Reply Divajo Black Girls Rock. December 23 at 3:50pm / Log in to Reply Realityjunkie Sunshineandrain, did you even think about your comment befor you posted it? They want to look like us? I’m very white. I have dark naturally curly hair. And, I’m a curvy girl. I love wearing my hair straight & even going blonde. Does that make me want to be even more white than I am? I also love having a tan. Does that make me want to be black? Even white women wear wigs & extensions. It’s hard to find anybody on tv that doesn’t. I don’t think it’s about wanting to be anything other than happy. I’ve never had extensions but I would love to have them. And, black women tend to have the best ones because they look incredibly real. Why make someone feel bad for wanting to look good & have longer hair? That’s just silly. And, you’re right, when black women go all natural they do a piece” about it. They do the same for white women. But, lets not forget that black people are a minority in America. So, I think that when pieces and articles are done its showing us the true beauty of a black woman with her huge curly hair & a culture that the majority will never know. I wish we were all color blind. It’s sad that we still bring this up. If I ever have children I pray that I’m wise enough to teach them better. December 23 at 5:47pm / Log in to Reply sanettat Well I think y’all just about covered everything…Lol!!!! I guess you’ll think twice before you post something like this again….miss (sunshineandrain)…..Lol lol..Blesses. December 23 at 7:02pm / Log in to Reply Roy Adams Hey Sunstupid!!!! Boop, NO SIT DOWN!!! December 23 at 7:19pm / Log in to Reply DJ_SkiiLo on I.G I have to say I agree with what ( sunshineandrain ) is trying to say. I just think she said it in a really bad way but it is truth in it. If it had been a black male or female say this first more of us would have agreed accept for those who wear their hair this way of course. I am black and yes I am all natural and have been for over 10 years. I watch our ppl tell some “natural aint for everybody” the hell do that mean??? Females minds has been trained to think straight hair, weaves and all this extra stuff is the way to be. Our hair don’t grow straight. We have beautiful strong hair until we put all these chemicals and weaves in it making it fall out. Its not being you!!! But if we see a white girl with a black hairstyle we judge her, but what do you think they think about us when they see us spending all this money on weaves just to look like them. Our hair is beautiful just the way it is with all the naps and curls. December 23 at 7:25pm / Log in to Reply lawdr13 So DJ, what would be your opinion of white women who are born with really curly, coarse hair that flat iron their hair, get a keratin treatment, or put in a relaxer? Or they trying to be something they or not because they choose to straighten their hair? December 23 at 11:07pm / Log in to Reply Roselaure Anstral But it is our right to do as we please with OUR hair. Just because we decide to change it up a little DOES NOT mean we want to be something that we are not it means we appreciate our choices… December 24 at 12:15pm / Log in to Reply bktopmodel I’d just like to say sunshine u just got READ!!!!!! December 24 at 3:38am / Log in to Reply Brooklyn MaydMe I hope this was taken before Greg, I don’t think a man wants to see his wife lip locked with another man. IJS… December 24 at 8:22am / Log in to Reply Roselaure Anstral WOW. thats it

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