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Brenda Song is an American movie star & actress. She started her career as a child acting in silly movies. Then later made her way into becoming big in Hollywood. Just like other child star from Disney the rogue bug bit her too. Now i would nominate Brenda for top 100 sexiest women instead of Lucy Liu who’s face is ugly as fuck. If we already talking about Asian celebs.

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She went from being a child star to a porn star literary. Given the number of her NSFW pictures in the internet, we could almost think she leaks them herself.

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But maybe it’s the nice boobies she has that she can’t resist showing off. Coupled with the perky pink nipples she looks like a Persian princes. The former child star has an average sized butt but thanks to her thick thighs, she still looks thick as fuck.
Damn wish Brenda Song had real pussy pictures of her self. We know this is not real. But hey just imagine this hot little Asian hottie without a bikini!

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She also likes her pussy shaved and when she is not taking explicit selfies of herself she is at the beach showing off her bikini body. Sexy as Brenda Song looks like, she is my ultimate kind of girl. God i love these Americanized Asian sluts! girls that want to fuck on snap
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