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Tantalizing Phoebe Cates Bares Titties Are Serious

We all watch those coming of age, high school movies and, let’s be real, who hasn’t fantasized about Phoebe Cates. I mean Cate’s has never been afraid to get celebs for a camera. Remember Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Talk about a banging body and fast girl. But that’s not the only place Phoebe bared it all. Check out this recently leaked video of Phoebe Cates getting her brains fucked out. She competed with Demi Moore for movie roles but lost.

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In all of her movies, Phoebe Cates is not a shy girl. She’s the kind of dirty skank that will make you beg for more. With her perfect tits, insane ass, and tight pussy, how could you not want to check out these images? Hollywood makes everything so PG these days, but these pictures are completely uncensored. This chick may have been popular in the past, but clearly she needed some little extra cash. She lets loose completely with some seriously kinky porn shit in these photos. Why wait? Go give them a look.


What’s more to say, boys and girls? Clearly, Phoebe Cates has something she’d like to share with the audience, and boy are we glad she is sharing it. I mean, does she only live in bikinis? Reveal it all, baby, because we’re happy to look at that fine-ass body of yours.  
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