Dana Delany

Dana Delany Completely Sexy

Dana Delany and Stephanie Niznik are hot, hot, hot in the movie Exit to Eden. While a terrible movie, you can’t help but love it as these two women strip down to barely there outfits or walk around hot poolside. I mean, these two dominatrix women are wearing strappy lingerie while giving each other back massages and skinny dipping. But we have it all uncensored here, so you need to check out these videos to see for yourself!

Hot Titties Dana Delany

Is it just me or did the 90’s have better women? I mean, holy shit, you have to see the photos of these two. The best bodies around and their lesbian tendencies are such a turn-on. If I was stuck in a room with these two, I would definitely let them whip me and make me their bitch. Dana Delany is supposed to be the owner of a dominatrix resort, while Stephanie Niznik is her personal assistant, in more ways than one. I mean, can you say hot? As they walk around the pool celebs, I feel like I want to cum myself. The most amazing bodies with the boobs and asses of goddesses.


Seriously boys and girls, these Dana Delany images and videos out. These two chicks are stupidly hot and deserve your attention. If you don’t give it, they’ll whip it out of you.live girls sponsored