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Our Top List of Famous Australian Actors & Actresses

Gotta admit some of the most famous Australian movie stars are lustful and luscious as well. They got tons of naked scenes, celebrity sex tapes. And amazing looking leaked thefappening photos of them. Australia blessed Hollywood with some really fine looking female luscious celebrity ass and boobs. So we went ahead and did our research on of the top actresses from Aussieland.

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Australian actors that actually have some talent! Besides just flashing their tits and ass to their audience. We made a info-graph of all your favorite Australian actresses. That participated in sex scenes or went fully naked on set. Cate Blanchett Cate Blanchett | Celeb Masta 2Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman | Celeb Masta 1Margot Robbie Margot Robbie | Celeb Masta 1Abbie Cornish Abbie Cornish | Celeb Masta 89Isla Fisher Isla Fisher | Celeb Masta 33Naomi Watts Naomi Watts | Celeb Masta 6Emily Browning Emily Browning | Celeb Masta 24Teresa Palmer Teresa Palmer | Celeb Masta 1Radha Mitchell Elle Macpherson Elle MacPherson, Kate Fischer, Rossi | Celeb Masta Ruby Rose Ruby Rose | Celeb Masta 5

Our Take on Australian Nude Actresees & Musicians

We really love these women from Australia. They all have beautiful eyes and luscious accents. I mean we don’t have to say Margott Robbie. One of the stunning and sexiest Australian actress that surfaced of all times. There are plenty of new Australia models and Aussie Hip Hop pop-stars that are rising to the top. We hope to see more big eyes goddesses from Australia.

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