Maitland Ward

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Maitland Ward is an American pornographic actress, model, and former actress. In 2019 she decided to transition into a fulltime pornographic actress and nothing could make us even happier.

Superstar Maitland Ward Dares To Show Off Her Leaked Tits

With her ever stunning sexy bikini body and big bobbies. I knew this lass had it in her and was wasting her good bedroom skills casting Jennifer Forester in the Bold and the Beautiful. This was before the porn bug bit her even though she sneaked some peak view of her pussy there once or twice.

Maitland Ward Shares Extraordinary Photos Of Her Ass & Topless Selfies

Maitland is not entirely endowed ass wise but her whorish nature compensates everything she is missing. This is the kind of woman who will make you jerk just by watching her teasing her sharp nipples.

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