Ashley Graham

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Where to start Ashley Graham is a plus size model for Sports Illustrated and is not your top model Kate Upton SI centerfold. She is an American over sized fat is the new slim movement hippopotamus model. Her fat ass was featured on fashion magazines. Such as: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. Also was featured for some rap videos and stuff with her hippo thighs. This BBW is for those plump lovers!

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To be honest she is so overweight just like comedian but funny and sexy Amy Schumer cake loving plump. That you really cant even see that pussy between her legs. You have to spread those thick thighs and legs apart all the way wide open to get in there.

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Holy macaroni i mean look at the size of that butt on this girl. I guess if you have a 12 inch dick then your all for it. However me personally im running away from a hippopotamus like this. I mean these so called plus sized models. Pushing the trend that fat girls are the new thing. Like hot Iskra Lawrence doing the same thing, at least she is sexy.

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Check out Ashley Graham private vacation photos caught by paparazzi. Her cellulite and big fat girl legs are being flaunted. Thinking she is actually hot and the new trend. I mean is our male population really so much into that thick ass? That girls make them self overweight. Just for stupid man like you looking at this cunt? live girls sponsored