The Fappening, iCloud Hack, Leaked Celebrity Photos

This was on CNN news reportedly the fappening iCloud hack leaked celebrity nudes photo scandal after computer thief’s broke into Apple accounts have been compromised. These where not just your ordinary peoples iCloud’s it was targeted at biggest celebrities and their sex tapes, who of course stored nothing but their private photos and sure did they got exposed.
The Fappening Incident - iCloud Fappening Pictures

What fappening means?

The word came from a adult community ImageFap that share nothing but home made cell phone images doing naughty things and they name it fap on this saying to other members on the site jerk off to this picture. As for the word fap originates from the sound of flapping skin meat while your are masturbating and it gives a fapping sound while your are eagerly watching some sort of hot sex pictures or videos of your liking. Now that celebs had no idea this will happen and all their hacked photos got distributed on the internet on torrents and all sort of website including over 500 Hollywood stars fappening photos & sex tapes are available for everyone to see.