Michelle Obama and Malia

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Michelle Obama is an American Lawyer, writer, university administrator. Most importantly was the first lady of the United States from for 8 years 2009-2017. Who wouldn’t want to fuck a first lady? Melania Trump topping the list of my to-do then we have Michelle besides her big tits step daughter Ivanka sucking her way through big corporations.

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In 2012 she posed topless for a Spanish magazine in a cliché contest of a slave. The former first lady exposed her natural boobies, so mistresses like Karen McDougal cant seduce her husband. But blurring her brown nipples from our view. Other than that, we have nothing on her that’s worth looking at if you’re horny as hell. There are a few ass photos from her, fully clothed of course, while Donald Trump jerks off on Paris Hilton’s sex tape pics.

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Rumours have that Michelle is actually a man. That would explain why you will not find a single pussy pic from her. Michelle Obama has a sexy bikini body and is definitely thick just how I love. Barack must be a happy man while Hillary Clinton gets blacked in the White House. Tapping this every day is such a blessing that even Sarah Palin has a orgy in snowy Alaska. Boob Cleavage on Mom Michelle Obama and Daughter Malialive girls sponsored