Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Without Cloth Swingers Party Pics

I guess she was totally lying when she said how conservative and right-wing she really is. I mean, let’s be real… her daughter got pregnant at a rip young age so is it really a surprise that Sarah Palin would have a few ass floating around? I mean, like mother like daughter right? Famous for being a dumb bitch and seeing Russia and Trump’s daughter from her house, this chick made a splash in the political scene and then, shortly after, in reality TV. Why? Because she looks like a hot soccer mom.

Sarah Palin Wild Alaska Friends Photos

when you add glasses to any chick, all of a sudden they look like a hot librarian. I mean, seriously. So seeing Sarah Palin sparked a lot of fantasies among men around the nation. This chick can’t be taken seriously with tits like that? I mean, I just want to rip all of her button downs open to expose her perfect breasts. So seeing these photos is actually a dream come true. And then that ass? I mean, great in pencil skirts but so fucking sexy bitch. Would love to fuck her from behind like the presidents mistress hot ass.


If you ever wanted to get a piece of that conservative pie, look no further my friend. Sarah Palin’s hot hot photos should be just what the doctor ordered to cure that itch you’ve been waiting for girls sponsored