Karen McDougal

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Beautiful and busty in the way of a corn-fed, small town pageant Karen McDougal is an American model and actress. She is best known for her appearance in Playboy magazine as playmate of the month. Karen is also known to be President Trump’s former politician escort parking space. Judging by the size of her boobies we can now tell why Trump was hooked to that clearly shaved pussy.

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Staring at her hardened sharp nipple is just enough to make any dude cum in their pants. The beautiful brunet is not the kind to suffer nip slip, she is very generous with her nipples and even told President Trump she is not the kind of asking for money after a hard sex.

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She has an incredible side boob and has never been ashamed of baring it all. Her copious curve are her greatest assets as they curve to meet her mouthwatering ass. This is especially fucking real where she appears topless. Karen McDougal might be everything sexy busty and a bombshell, but she fucking fucked Trump like the presidents daughter Ivanka and she is now fucked up. American Karen McDougal is a former playboy playmate an actress and a model. She is alleged to have had an affair with Donald Trump some time back. She is best known for her appearance in playboy magazine as playmate for December 1997 and playmate of the year for the year 1998. Beautiful busty and Mr. Trump former parking space Karen hasn’t aged a day. She is still sexy and ratchet like the time she was doing Trump at the trump towers. In an extensive collection of her NSFW pictures, you will agree with me that this girl is not out here to play. She means business as she goes full frontal revealing what some of the perverts here will never recover from. Judging by the size of her boobies we can now tell why Trump was hooked to this former political escort. She always keeps her pussy clean and nicely shaved and can pull any pose you want. Karen has a tempting bikini body, a tiny ass and perky nipples. To be honest, I can’t blame Trump. If I were filthy rich, I would want to fuck all those bitches at playboy. All this time expecting my wife to turn a blind eye in exchange for a life of luxury.live girls sponsored