I’ve sat through many reunion shows, but this one takes the cake for me! My feelings are simple! You TAUNT, you INVADE people’s personal space, you PUSH, you PROVOKE, you LIE and yet you don’t condone violence! Well, what message are you sending? Celeb Masta feel like I’ve been put in provoking situations all season!
  1. Bringing Marlo to the Bailey Bowl when I was always told that she wasn’t the Bravo brand
  2. Allowing Kenya to pull my ear during the “All White” party in episode 1
  3. Pushing me into a charity event that everyone knew I wasn’t invited to!
If I had reacted in a violent manner in any of these situations I would be considered the bad one, the one that is wrong, the one that is mean. But at the same time is all of THIS really ok? I wanna hear from you! When is it “okay” to BULLY someone, then question retaliation? Should there have been a halt to the foolish antics? Should PROPS be allowed in situations such as this? Speak On It!   Toni Jones, I agree with you 98%. I use to really enjoy watching basketball wives until BFF’s started turning on each other and ratchet Tammy started the fist fight buffet amongst all the girls. Now Bravo offers us the rich doctor’s wives who fights and argue like teenage crack babies 🙁 Oh, and L.A house wives is an embarrassing joke 🙁 However, I do love watching the ladies dress up in nice outfits setting positive trends and giving ideals of things to do and places to go on girl trips. Even the cattynish behavior is playfully funny, but all that physical violence is uncalled for. Well, Kenya didn’t deserved to have her hair pulled. What she really deserved was to have her hair pulled down to the ground and both eyes black with an elbow to the lips, then she wouldn’t have been able to say “She’s gone, she’s fired.” Sorry that was a waiting to exhale moment. Kenya is conniving enough to have deliberately provoked Porsha just to have her removed from the set and Porsha was emotionally weak enough to fall into her trap. I agree, and I would like to add that Kenya is very crafty, but she is not going anywhere (unfortunately). Nene said it herself, Kenya is “good” for the show. My heart is broken for Ms. Porscha, however. That poor girl didn’t see any of this coming. What in the heck was “Bravo Andy” and staff thinking, allowing Kenya to utilize a BULLHORN and SCEPTER on stage, and yes this audience knows how to spell S-C-E-P-T-E-R. I was thoroughly insulted when she remarked to Porscha to spell SCEPTER. Kenya has consistently talked down to Porscha, attached her character, and insulted her intelligence. Last night she just snapped, and her attack could have been much worse. Bravo and Andy Cohen take some accountability for this mess. mstea1234 I was confused as to where to post an original reply so please excuse me for utilizing the reply function. I was an avid watcher and I would have to admit fan of the first 2 seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mrs. Leakes ask for our comments or thoughts on the reunion debacle. I can only use that word, although some might find it entertaining; I think it is sad. There are numerous black women with accomplishments, beauty, intelligence that looked absolutely gorgeous in beautiful gowns. They looked as though they were dressed appropriately for a White House State Dinner or reception but instead a wrap up discussion about the show’s events it seems as though it turned into a WWF event. I am sure no one wants a diatribe from some nameless face, but does anyone agree that there is a way to keep the ratings high without violence, vicious comments, and all the other negativity. I guess that is a naive question but I think there could be an innovative producers, writers, and/or directors that could come up with some scenarios where the fights get the best ratings. I do vividly recall watching one of the reunion shows, if I recall it was Season 1 or 2 were the ladies must have talked among themselves and although the tension was high, they must have reviewed footage from the season but whatever the case, no one took the bait from that annoying host. He tried his best but everyone held their tongue for the most part and I was delighted. I admire Ne Ne and knew she would be the break out star because she was so real, she was outspoken, brazen, and was very honest about her life experience. So fast forward how ever many years and when I do happen to catch an episode, there is little or no positivity. It just pains me to see such physically attractive, intelligent, and accomplished women out in such a negative light. I am delighted that Ne Ne and her husband are reunited. It is sad to know that the show and its success has caused the dissolution of true friendships. I used to love to watch the loving interaction between Kim’s daughters and Ne Ne…that fondness was definitely not scripted. Well, since I will housebound because of upcoming surgery, I might give the show another try! Maybe we all get a chance to see the glitterati and glam without all the ugliness. Continued success! To chrissie queen. You must not be following the season. If so you would know that Cynthia and kandie are the only ones who haven’t had any major problems with Kenya. In fact towards the end of the season they are the only 2 women from the show she invites to Velvets memorial. It was sad to see that only Cynthia and Kenya’s aunt were there. Kenya is a manipulative person who has nothing else going on in her life and has to desperately fabricate things in her life to remain relevant on the show. Ex. Fake BF walter, wanting to get married to Walter.Fake mysterious Bf from Africa that no one has officially met pursuing an odd, flirtatious, and inapropiate frienship with a married man. She always has something to comment on others peoples marriage and married status. She really did push Portia to her limits. Bravo should have known better than allow Kenya to bring such ridiculous props.