Erin Andrews

Leaked Erin Andrews Sex Video Scandal

Erin Jill Andrews a actress, sportscaster is an American anchor woman. She got huge fame for the law suit on Hotel for over $50 million dollars. The sexy news reporter had a peep hole video recorded while being fully undressed after shower. Erin Andrews looked really hot like Lara Logan with amazing boobs and butt, however the leaked video cant be watched anymore. Erin filled and won the case for a innocent simple video of her dressing in the hotel room, however it was without consent recorded so is rich now.

Sexy Erin Andrews Cleavage & Tits Photos

Check out the bikini photos of Erin Andrews reporter woman. Her curves are sexy with a slim figure and boobs just the right size. Erin has a world class ass to go with that swimsuit. She reminds of Sydney Sweeney leaked topless and ass photos. I'm sure her peephole video can be still found somewhere on the internet and boy she has some nice pussy dressing in that hotel room.
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