Lara Logan

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Lara Logan is a South African TV and radio journalist. She is best known for being the correspondent for CBS news between the years 2012 and 2018. This first impression you get from looking at Logan is that she is an uptight woman. However Logan is a brilliant news reporter and lucky to be alive, the true story was killed that she was groped by angry protesters. Political reasons never was said that she almost lost her life due to being beaten up by a bunch idiot protesting men. And how lucky and empowering she really is to other females out there aka Margot Robbie also South African celebrity. We are happy to see her well and safe one of the most beautiful reporters out there, we really regret this has occurred to her while in Cairo while the demonstration was happening.

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Well, what you expect from a journalist who has to maintain a certain kind of image to the public. Will you believe that there is like one or two bikini photos of her only? It's disappointing that this babe can’t just go to the beach and show off her toned in shape bikini body.

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There's one time when Lara went to a protest in Egypt and had her empowering beautiful body molested in a gang bang rape and hurt by angry protesters. Logan is strong and sexy woman this is not shameful if anything it is inspiring she survived and screw the political liars behind the story.

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Anyway, you will not find a topless pic from her let alone a nip slip. However, we can tell that reporter friend Erin Andrews has big boobs through her cleavage clothes. Which is all great and Laura should be proud of her self and a strong woman. Who survived a barbaric attack! We praise Journalists like her and keep up the good work. live girls sponsored