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Apparently, it seems no one wants to keep their clothes on when doing self-shots nowadays. Apparently Christina Aguilera recent leaked her selfies. And decided to pull a Kim Kardashian on us, by taking pics in the dressing room. With only her hot pink undies on and a leopard fedora. This sounds like a battle of the sexiest. With her already toned up sultry body she looked yummy. Let us not forget, the she was Britney Spears biggest competitor in looks back in the day. However the pop-star clearly wins with an ass like this below. Christina Aguilera hot ass | Celeb Masta 2

Sexy Christina Aguilera Leaked Topless & Pussy Slip Pictures

If you are from the 90’s which I, expect all of you are from that era. You will remember the slim with a taut waist Christina Aguilera cute photos. Who made men drool for just a touch of her skin. Just recently private leaked photos of Lady Gaga the Burlesque star surfaced together with hers. Including intimate pics of her and boyfriend Matther Rutler in bed. They’re sacrificing a puppy, aren’t they? That’s pretty damn intimate, shock. Her titties on other images showed Christina Aguilera raunchy behavior, at Nicole Richie’s bachelorette party. Back in 2010 but lets not forget she has some bad ass ass pics for your viewing pleasure. Born Christina Marie Aguilera in December 18 1980 is an American actress, singer and a songwriter. She first appeared in television series such as Star Search and Mickey Mouse club back in the 90’s. In 1998, she signed with RCA records and produced her debut album in 1999 which was a huge success. Today, she is a divorced mother of two.


The starlets tits or pussy has never gone really full without clothing back in 2009. Fortunately she had a wild and crazy magazine cover shoot for Maxim. She went for a topless shoot. Revelers are able to see her nipples locked within a kinky nipple ring. It looks likable. We are still crossing our fingers. That one day the iCloud hackers, will pay a visit to the Christina Aguilera cell phone a visit and bless our girls sponsored