Teresa Palmer

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When I first watched the thriller Restraint where Teresa Palmer portrays a kidnapper and kidnaps that guy for a moment it hit me, why not!! I mean Teresa-Palmer has full hot scene is this movie, it is hard to imagine that such a hottie can actually kidnap me and hold me hostage. If not I will gratefully invite her to sexually assault me. Yes if you think I am such a pervert sorry, but for Palmer I will do anything!

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Born Teresa Mary Palmer in February 26 1986 is an Australian actress and model who made her film debut in a suicide drama 2:37. Since then she has appeared in a number of movies. Sure these ass of Scarlett Johansson are even hotter. of As you heard Teresa Palmer kidnaps people and she walks celebs around them so if you are still dreaming of that beautiful patootie, then this is your chance to get kidnapped please Palmer kidnap me!live girls sponsored