Tyra Banks

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Well the time for the super model has come to undress. And looks like Tyra Banks is also going to get married soon. Because, well let’s just say she is having a child now so might as well. She is been a celebrity all her life such as Naomi Campbell or Beyonce and what else do you want more. Fame being super model, top model everything a girl wants to be.

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Let us take a look at Tyra Banks Instagram profile. Look what she got as a present form her friends? Well a baby sweater of course what else but little baby gifts since she is pregnant. Even Kate Moss takes selfies exchanges with Tyra Banks because her hair is so sexy. Getting to celebrate her new baby on the way.


Well Tyra with her 2 year in relationship boyfriend Erik Asla having a child together. It is a boy, so we are sure they going to be happy and hear a lot more about it in the future. Her amazing bikini body and super model Candice Swanepoel tits and pussy just make any man want some hot chocolate.live girls sponsored