Jessica Norris

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Jessica Norris is an American actress. She is popularly known for her role as Jade in the movie “Outlawed”. A few perverts wished that she is the daughter of the famous actor, Chuck Norris` daughter, but she isn’t.

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Well, it goes without saying that Norris would appear in some sex scenes through her acting career. It`s not like I’m complaining, of course, I want to see those perky boobs. In the movie “Outlawed”, you will see how she appears in her hoe-like manner dressed in sexy lingerie as she rocks her hard nipples through her cover-up.

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Jessica has always been an attention seeker and she would definitely do anything to get those perverts to talk about her. Her round ass to the cameras making me and some perverts lust to grind her pussy from behind.

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Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her pussy slit on set as she is busy getting some. It doesn’t stop us from picturing her tight pussy when jerking off in that scene. Jessica Norris doesn’t seem to be known much and that I why she looks thrilled having appeared in the sex scene. Well, it`s better to be known as a slut than to not be known at all right?    live girls sponsored