Thora Birch

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In American cinema Thora Birch movie scene was pretty tempting, one movie is both so steamy and so fucked up. That everyone can’t help but love and know it. American Beauty, about a man who decides to relive his youth. Co-starring with Christina Ricci and Amy Smart in TV series. and a whole group of fucked up people who run away from life’s problems. One is Thora Birch who plays Jane, a sexually hyped chick that ends up running away with a dude to New York City.

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If you’ve seen this movie, which you should have, you would recognize Thora’s most popular scene, the one why she stands in front of the window and strips off her clothes. Though she has others,let’s just admire those tits for a second. Holy cow, they are huge. I mean, her body just looks like it could handle Sarah Jessica Parker sexy tits and curvy legs. any kind of sex you throw her way. So sexy and so desirable, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to fuck her. Like, I’m imagining it right now and I’m seriously girls sponsored