Sarah Jessica Parker

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Now here is a woman I can really get behind, figuratively and literally. Sarah Jessica Parker celebs is a legend. Actress, fashion icon, activist. She’s the type of woman that seems to like to be busy, and we’d love to be fit into her schedule. We all know her from cheesy romantic comedies and Sex in the City, so it’d be weird not to recognize her. I mean, her name is even featured in famous rap songs, so she’s everywhere. And seeing her like this has been a real treat.

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Now probably the most fun thing to note about Sarah Jessica Parker is that she is a total heels girl. I mean, if you like that shit, you are definitely going to love her. On top of that, she has an amazing body. Though her tits are huge, they are great for grabbing. You can totally tell. And that ass is actually pretty great. Like, I look at her and I can tell why she had so much dick on Sex in the City. She ain’t the new Ghost in the Shell sensation, however Sarah was a icon in her times. I’d want to be all up on that ass as well if I were these men.


After so many years, Sarah Jessica Parker is still hot as fuck. I don’t know how her body isn’t aging, but whatever she’s doing is really working for girls sponsored