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Whoever said the door to a man’s heart is through his stomach much have been some really hungry guy. The door to a man’s heart is through a woman’s boobies. Mocha-skinned Manhattan Latina Rosario Dawson is blessed with some serious chest. Personally, we at CelebMasta could rate her as one of the stunning ever Latina actress in Hollywood. While Cardi B dances as a stripper she shows off her beautiful curves.

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Rosario Dawson is no stranger to getting without cloth on screen. In fact, there are a number of movies where she has sex scenes. This is nothing compared to Emilia Clarke’s sexy pics or Jennifer Lopez who are shy to unzip her crotch. She leaves nothing for imagination and in fact, there are movies where this gorgeous Latina went fully undressed. Nothing left for imagination. Full frontal bushy crotch but hell yeah and we loved it. So far, she has only done this twice. Rosario Dawson Both of these are images you couldn’t possibly handle unless you are ready to jerk off. Born Rosario Dawson on May 6th 1979 is an American Actress, writer, singer and activist. She made her film debut in 1996 with the teen drama Kids. She has featured in a number of other hot movies after that. The dark skinned goddess also appeared riding some guy while topless. And getting a boob massage on the film He Got Game (1998). Now that you took a look at some of these pictures and realize how lucky her boyfriend girls sponsored