Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott Rocking The Amazing Topless Look Without A Bra

Naomi Scott is an English singer and actress. She is best known for playing the role of Princess Jasmine in Disney’s musical fantasy movie Aladin. Even though our dark haired babe Naomi Scott is not well familiar with the skin game she outdid herself in the new Power Rangers movie.

Talented Naomi Scott Shows Off Her Beautiful Bikini Body

She gets stripped and sexy for her role as Kimberly. This remake was long overdue, considering the original debuted in 1995, and it didn't disappoint. And though yes, it is a kid's movie about a group of high school teens. Who finds a spaceship and become superheroes to save the world.

Hottie Naomi Scott Looks So Satisfying On The Red Carpet

But the young adult cast makes it well worth the watch. Naomi strips down to her lacy pink bra before diving into the water from a cliff! That ass view was totally worth it.

Cute Naomi Scott Selfies From Her Instagram Profile

This sexy thing had an epic 2019 when she landed her highest role in Aladin. Even though she did not show us that pussy but the publicity it gave her opened many doors including these photos where she is flaunting her well-shaved pussy. live girls sponsored