Natasha Henstridge

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Natasha Henstridge is a Canadian model and actress. She is popular for her role in science-fiction thriller Species. The animal kingdom is crawling with females who can give their male mates heart attacks and high blood pressure.

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Be grateful you’re not a penis-wielding praying mantis, a black widow dude, or one of the hapless guys of Species (1995). Like recurring scenes out of a guilty nightmare of punishment for erotic sins that were never even committed, the sacrificial males of species are rendered defenseless by the wonderment of their unfathomable good luck.

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Here is top-notch, sultry, sexy blonde Natasha Henstridge. Her full, floating frontal boobs are exposed and beckoning, as are her liberally licked lips and her lust-drunk eyes. Who among us could resist this vision of the untouchably sublime made accessible and at hand?

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Why would you refuse the taste of the cream from her pussy nor the touch of her ass? Well, we’d all be spaceman bait when Natasha transforms into a spike-spine alien and sucks our brains out, right through our skulls.

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Natasha Henstridge today is an international sex symbol because she decided to take off her top and bared her sexy bikini body in Species. Her erotic career has taken her around the globe and into our naughty thoughts several times over. live girls sponsored