Natalie Dormer

Hot Natalie Dormer Pussy Revealed In GOT Scene Video

If you are a guy who likes “dragons and tits”. Then getting sexy with Natalie Dormer is probably somewhere near the top of your bucket list. Sometimes I would imagine how it would feel fucking her. All of us had a celebrity crush right? And for Dean-Charles Chapman, this was like a dream come true. Dean who plays boy Tommen Baratheon claimed that it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him. Apparently, he was told that he is going to be included in the sex scene and he was like”cheers” to that.

Sexy Natalie Dormer Nipples & Tits Photos

Natalie Dormer is well known for her role as Margery Tyrel on the series and has a number of raunchy scenes which has gained her a number of haters as well as lovers …hello perverts!!As we learned Dormer is also wanting to setup Westeros pride she is a talented actress from The Game of Thrones HBO series. Natalie is not new to getting celebs. She is portrayed as Ann Boleyn in The Tudors which also showed a fair share of skin. It is very obvious that Natalie is very comfortable in her skin and she wouldn’t mind flaunting it anywhere

Vacation Pictures Caught by Paparazzi of Natalie Dormer

Just recently, Game of Thrones starlit Natalie Dormer went topless for an issue of GQ magazine. You can check out some of her sultry unseen photos-shoot and you will agree with us that this woman is beyond beauty especially when she is hot. We are just hoping that Natalie will heat things up in her new autobiographical movie The Scandalous Lady girls sponsored