Katherine Webb

Hot Katherine Webb Bikini Photos Revealed

Katherine Webb is an American beauty queen, model, and television personality. She is popularly known for her appearance during the broadcast of the 2013 BCS National Championship game. Some of you could also remember that she won the coveted Miss Alabama USA title in 2012.

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It is safe to say that the former beauty queen doesn't like showing off more than her cleavage. She has more than once being approached by Playboy for a full frontal body pic but still not willing.

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There is only one pic of her on the runway where she is seen exposing her perfect sized boobs, and even that doesn't seem to be real. Katherine is reserved and prefers using her beauty to reach her goals than her pussy.

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In fact, her reaction to the leaked photos of her husband fully frontal pics in the locker room shows how we are never going to see more than a side boob from her. Katherine Webb seems to be a shy one. To her, exposing her pussy slit is probably the worst thing she could do on earth. live girls sponsored