My Latest #Neneism Clutch Bag

Rockin my latest #neneism clutch bag today. More info coming on CelebMasta where u can get yours. Roya’le Little A GOOD WAY TO PROMOTE ….. NOW PUT YOUR BUSINESS OR MESSAGE ON PANTS, SHIRTS, SHOES, PIN IT UP IN YOUR HAIR, JACKETS, SOCKS,, A WALKING BILLBOARD,,, LOVE IT…..NENE!! July 24 at 10:08am / Log in to Reply ksteamer28 YAAASSSSS hunni I would so buy it lol July 24 at 4:00pm / Log in to Reply Riann Too funny ! July 24 at 11:32am / Log in to Reply Dominick Ferguson You are beyond petty. Wendy Williams didn’t say anything negative about that Birkin that was colored on. And, she’s paying your attempt at a feud dust and you can’t take it. Sad and pathetic. July 24 at 11:36am / Log in to Reply Nads Hi Dominick — You’re a fool. Goodbye. WENDELL started the feud dum dum! She has been digging Nene for months and Nene took the high road until yesterday when Nene verbally bitched slapped her and she’s SUDDENLY silent. Haha….bitch is running scared. Bye. Nene do you. We love it. July 24 at 12:45pm / Log in to Reply Patricia Matthews @Nads – lol exactly! July 24 at 12:51pm / Log in to Reply mosunshine oh please…Wendy didn’t say nothing that is worth all NeNe is givin it. She isn’t talking about it because she could care LESS about what Nene has to say…she is a grown and mature woman who doesn’t need to give Nene’s tantrum any attention. I am sure this is just rolling off her back because Wendy has too much good going on for her to notice Nene’s attempt at attention..BLOOP July 24 at 1:12pm / Log in to Reply lolita954 Well said Mosunshine. These people will follow any kind of foolery. July 24 at 2:03pm / Log in to Reply Dominick Ferguson So funny how ALL of NeNe’s “supporters” are unable to spell correctly or use proper grammar. Hope your well-fare check isn’t late this month. Writing “BYE WENDELL” in nail polish on a clutch sure showed Wendy! Wendy Williams and 30+ year successful career will not be bothered by Linethia Leakes. July 24 at 2:00pm / Log in to Reply Amerika Wright Ummmmm…Sweetie it’s WELFARE…please don’t resort to speaking down on others when your spell check apparently isn’t functioning either…….This conversation shouldn’t start people to name calling or assuming when neither of these celebs are putting a dime in your pocket! p.s. Not coming down on you, just stating the obvious……. July 24 at 4:01pm / Log in to Reply Dominick Ferguson Thanks! I had no idea how to spell welfare. I’ve never needed to. July 24 at 5:28pm Amerika Wright I have never nor will I ever be on welfare but I do read the newspapers and watch the news enough to know what it is an how to spell it, so the excuse you give is invalid…. And on another note, I am sure you have heard of the phrase ” Don’t use words you either can’t spell or pronounce”…It’s unbecoming. July 24 at 7:47pm Dominick Ferguson Well said, “Amerika”. July 25 at 9:21am ksteamer28 My welfare, child support, foodstamps and medicaid that your tax dollars provide for me makes my life look good. #ThanksForTheCoinsDominick lol#GovernmentFundsPlease LMAO#GetYourWhiteAssOn#IBetYourAGayWhiteMan#WendellFans#HowYouDoing(in her man voice and drag face lol) July 24 at 4:06pm / Log in to Reply Nostalgia Well Wendy Has Always Came At Different Celebrities Sideways, And I Do Recall Her Getting Her Ass Whoop By Charlie Baltimore For Running Her Mouth As Usual.. With Her Drag Queen Looking Ass, Always Throwing Shade When She Clearly Looks Like A Damn Tranny Herself She Has No Room To Talk Because She’s/He’s Late, Nene Don’t Stoop Down To This Fagot’s Level He’s Hating Because Nene Is The Highest Paid House Of Atlanta Anyway So To Wendell And His #1 Dominick Y’all Can Have SEVERAL SEATS!!! July 24 at 4:30pm / Log in to Reply Nads Dominick — Let’s have a quick chat shall we. I’m a Nene supporter and I can spell quite well, speak quite well and use proper grammar. Trying to diminish Nene and her supporters only makes you look like the fool you are. So bye AGAIN. Bloop. July 24 at 5:18pm / Log in to Reply Dominick Ferguson Ending your statement with “Bloop”… Hmm,enough said. July 24 at 5:27pm krysti Wow I would lllloovvee to see Wendy or nene defend you guys this hard your mom never told you opinions are like assholes everybody has one and making fun of people who are temporarily in a bind and need assistance more than likely to help their children is low. Only in 2014 does belittling others make some feel good July 25 at 7:50pm / Log in to Reply Patricia Matthews Wendy Williams did talk negative about Nene and her bag. Maybe you should watch hot topics again.She also talked negative about Nene during the RHOA reunion. Bottom line Wendy MAD Nene declined to go on her show now that’s sad & pethetic…. Nene will check those that come for her as you can see. July 24 at 12:48pm / Log in to Reply mosunshine I am sure Wendy Williams don’t give a damn about NeNe coming on …she had Jennifer Lopez on her show!!! Ain’t nobody sweating a RHOA! And nobody is trying to give NeNe her own talk show she is…please telling Wendy she need to be scared…GTFOH with that shit. Don’t nobody need to be scared of Nene’s no acting ass!!! She needs to take a page from Wendy’s book and if she think she is being hated on just look the other way. Because the person you kick and stomp on the way up…you may need on your way back down! July 24 at 1:18pm / Log in to Reply IluvsRHOA LMAO…. Mosunshine are you Wendy Williams in disguise? First of all you sound like a retard the one no one is checking for you Wendy, big burly ass!!! She sits her bad body ass in that fucking chair spewing her opinions not facts you idiot!!!! And what talent does Wendy have other than talking? Hhhmmm i’ll wait….. She was a mess on DWTS her ‘Broadway’ stint was a 1 liner, you nor her can come for NeNe pe-ri-od!! you can sit and talk all you want but it doesnt erase the fact that Wendy is a fucking mess!!! And NeNe stay winning yes bitch she rich!! Now sit your po mouth ass down somewhere hater!!! Bloop July 24 at 1:39pm / Log in to Reply mosunshine Oh honey….I am not retarded. And I sure as shit am not po, so you can talk your ghetto ass talk somewhere else. And who the fuck are you creaming over Nene…who don’t give a fuck about YOU. “me nor wendy can come for nene”…ok sweetie. go sit your dumb ass down somewhere idolizing a spiteful immature bitch like nene leakes. Who is jealous hearted and hateful to the fucking bone. Wendy Williams WORKED her way up to the top while Nene only laid down and got married to a rich man, and THAT is why she is on tv. Wendy Williams resume is much longer and actually list accomplishments. And while we counting money…Wendy Williams money can run CIRCLES around Nene’s….go have several seats lluvsRHOA! And then….GO GET A LIFE! July 24 at 1:56pm lolita954 My thoughts exactly. Well said again Mosunshine. July 24 at 2:06pm / Log in to Reply jalexander IM WITH YOU iluvsRHOA, MOSUNSHINE BEEN IN THE SUN TOO LONG!! NENE IS OVER WENDY WILLIAMS ALL DAY! I MEANT WENDELL WILLIAMS July 24 at 4:24pm / Log in to Reply Dominick Ferguson You actually believe that NeNe declined to do a talk show? Ha! She’s using this to promote her base-model clothing line and Wendy is not going to give her the free PR. NeNe needs Wendy more than Wendy needs NeNe, which is why execs at Bravo are constantly sending Wendy sneak-peaks of housewives shows and trying to book them on her show. July 24 at 2:07pm / Log in to Reply jalexander DOMINIC FERGUSON, BITCH HOW YOU DOIN IN WENDY WILLIAMS VOICE? NENE IS SO STRATEGIC! FIRST IT WASNT THAT SHE WASNT ON THE SHOW IT WAS MORE OF THE INSULT FROM CONGRATULATING WENDELL WILLIAMS ON HER 500TH SHOW WITH A GIFT!! WENDY AKA WENDELL WAS MY GIRL TILL I SEEN JUST HOW FUCKED AND RUDE SHE IS! #HASHTAGALLYALLMITCHES! July 24 at 4:28pm / Log in to Reply CZion’sroyalcrown Wms Grafitti Birkin is real 100. It is an srt form appreciated by the educated and affluent, as well as the good Wall creators. This is so a haters raters issue which is much deeper than the ugliness on the surface. Negativity is so unhealthy. Wendy’s opinión is subjective and will not affect the sale of NeNe’s designer message. NeNe has a right to defend the Birkin bag. Wendy doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to buy it, all NeNe hater raters, real 100. July 24 at 5:31pm / Log in to Reply Nads Dominick — If you’re so stuck up, Wendy Williams should be the LAST person you’re supporting. You must not know her at all. I’ve known Wendy since her radio days and she’s as STREET as they come. She once sent her goon of a husband to attack a rival radio station host. So get out of here with your holier-than-though attitude. Nene’s supporters find her to be a genuine person and we like her. So what? You seem to be one of those jealous types who can’t cut it so you hate just to hate….get a grip my dear. July 24 at 5:37pm / Log in to Reply Rita Green Hailey you pathetic!! shut up HATER!! July 29 at 7:02pm / Log in to Reply MaDonna Act like a lady! This is not how a lady should act, no matter what someone says or does! Be just as beautiful inside as you are on the outside. July 24 at 1:00pm / Log in to Reply Mississippi boi NeNe keep doing big things I truly love everything about you. Now on to Mr.Williams ( Wendy Williams ) he’s just jealous for what ever reason n cracks on ppl personal lives to boost his ratings. It’s about time somebody puts Mr in his place. Love you NeNe Bloop Bloop lol July 24 at 1:22pm / Log in to Reply mosunshine That is a LAME attempt at putting someone in their place..Nene needs to get really is NOT that serious. July 24 at 1:25pm / Log in to Reply IluvsRHOA Why are you still on this woman blog hating???!!! Wendy must be paying you well July 24 at 1:41pm / Log in to Reply Mello It’s good for Wendy.. She needs to mind her own business and stop talking trash about people.. You know every thing about everybody… Put people personal business out there.. Calling it HOT TOPIC.. Very fucked up.. Bye Wendell July 24 at 1:26pm / Log in to Reply IluvsRHOA Thats why her burly ass got ran up outta NY!!! Running her suck muscles on someone else’s business!!! How any people came to that radio station to kick her ass? And thats FACTS!!!! July 24 at 1:43pm / Log in to Reply Candy123 Wendy left 107.5 for the television show. July 24 at 8:22pm / Log in to Reply Patricia Matthews Wendy was confronted many times by celebs during her radio show days. Check her history and you will understand why Nene had to check her. Charlie Baltimore (allegedly beat her ass), Diddy (allegedly got her fired from Sexy 97), Will Smith, LL Cool J, Tyler Pery and the list goes on. Wendy is street and talks alot of sh*t. July 26 at 9:04am / Log in to Reply Rita Green Hailey Wendy williams is not street, she thinks she street. she just has a big ass mouth. she wants the Rock to come on her show he’ll never come on her show. The Rock knows she’ll do to him what she did to Nene and alot of other ppl. Wendy needs to learn that you cant expect to get ppl to come on your show then once they leave a next week you trash them…NeNe is street!! she from Atlanta… Wendy just messed with wrong one!! realtalk July 29 at 7:12pm Jimmy An Debra Taylor Love it! July 24 at 1:39pm / Log in to Reply evaowens its about time somebody call wendy williams out for being the bully she really is, she use her hot topics segment to bully and spread hateful commentary toward other celebrities her main targets are black celebrities….had wendy williams been white and said the exact same thing about nene leakes, her show wouldve been put on ice July 24 at 1:46pm / Log in to Reply montie I agree 100%. It may be her career to gossip but U should be able to back up what U say as well. July 24 at 2:33pm / Log in to Reply Subreena Philp OMG please grow up Nene, there r bigger things to deal with, like plane crash and a lot of family is pain. Try to be a positive role model, please stop, it look stupid July 24 at 1:54pm / Log in to Reply Biene Why are people tellong Wendy to mind her business! Her job is to NOT mind her business and that’s what jer show is all about. Nene is so childish and so petty. Girl please! July 24 at 2:11pm / Log in to Reply Knowledge You can gossip, but not defame. She has too big of a following to be running so much false rumors about people. All gossip does not have to be bashing and this is how she has been for a while now knowing that her words are influential and people actually listen to this heffer for true gossip, and that is what makes it wrong! July 24 at 3:01pm / Log in to Reply CeeCee Barnett-Crockett Smdh… All of this is foolishness!!! Point…blank….period. July 24 at 2:12pm / Log in to Reply Biene Why are people telling Wendy to mind her business! Her job is to NOT mind her business and that?s what her show is all about. Nene is so childish and so petty. Girl please! July 24 at 2:16pm / Log in to Reply Knowledge You can gossip, but not defame. She has too big of a following to be running so much false rumors about people. All gossip does not have to be bashing and this is how she has been for a while now knowing that her words are influential and people actually listen to this heffer for true gossip, and that is what makes it wrong! July 24 at 3:00pm / Log in to Reply Biene defame? how did she defame her? please clarify! and btw there is no such thing as true gossip. July 24 at 4:21pm / Log in to Reply montie Wendy is known for her gossip so yes, I am sure she did make a negative remark, not realizing that it would bite her in the ass later. I mean I do understand that this is what she chose to do as her career. If U catch Nene ( whom I love) at the right time of the month, she will fight back!! Call it menopause or whatever U want to call it. Nobody, no matter who U are, likes to be talked about negatively, especially when it’s someone in TV business, black, female. Sisters are supposed to stick together. All u bashes on her need to get a life!!! July 24 at 2:30pm / Log in to Reply Knowledge EXACTLY….and Wendell seems to especially target the Black personalities in the business….wonder why???? Sold her soul to the people behind it all to stay afloat. What a shame. This is why I cannot support Wendy. Why does it have to be only one black female on top in the same type of industry, why does she have to agree to be apart of kicking someone down while they’re are just starting to climb??? Oh yeah, because its another strong black female. July 24 at 2:57pm / Log in to Reply montie Bashing on Nene is who I am talking about. When u r menapausal, U R not responsible hahaha Luv U Nene July 24 at 2:37pm / Log in to Reply shybel56 Enough already…this foolish is not worth all the name calling. ..they both said what they had to say….Nene and Wendy are both opinionated, so let it go. July 24 at 2:41pm / Log in to Reply laymarie Listen…Wendy does what she does for a check and so does NeNe. Personally I just love NeNe. She is a beautiful woman who used her personality to get head and I’m not mad at that. Wendy isn’t ignoring anything. She has friends…going around pretending to be Dominick haha. She is responding alright. NeNe cutting up. Lol. I like it. It’s entertaining. NENE reading the he’ll out of Wendy. She called her WIG BWAHAHAH. I mean that made me per a little. If I had to choose between spending a day with NeNe and a day with Wendy..who would really chose Wendy phony self. It’s not about who’s richer. That factor always has the most potential to change. NeNe is just more heart warming,funny and real. I chose NeNe . Seems like a blast to be around July 24 at 2:45pm / Log in to Reply Knowledge EXACTLY!…..and GREAT POINT! July 24 at 2:52pm / Log in to Reply Knowledge Wendy Williams is a fu%k#ng sell out and this is why her show has been on for as long as it has!!! She is used by those producers to continually bash and defame especially BLACK celebs’ characters because they know that she had a huge following who will listen to this heman and whatever comes out of her mouth, knowing that a lot if it is lies!!!!! This is an attempt to bring down a market of people whom are already struggling to stay afloat in the entertainment industry. TO COMPARE NENE TO THAT HOT CRACK MESS IS A MESS IN ITSELF. This is why she is the face of so much and has been airing for so long and whose career has been steady cause she sold her soul a long time ago and THAT IS SHAMEFUL. She of all people knows that once you do that, whenever they feel like you’re time is up, they will bring along the next up and coming. This is why she has been hell bent on putting NENE’S name in her mouth in a way that she wants her followers to see her, because she SEE NENE COMING!! SO NENE KEEP THE SAG BURNING AND LET WENDY KNOW NOT TO COME FOR YOU, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE JUST STARTING TO CLIMB THE LADDER. DO YOU NENE..GOD SPEED! July 24 at 2:49pm / Log in to Reply syrome I happen to like both ladies but they also need to stop the foolishness however they could both learn some Lady like ways from Married to Medicine ‘s Dr Jackie she doesnt bash or throw shade at others she let her profession and personality speak for its self …. July 24 at 3:09pm / Log in to Reply nunurdamnbiz By Lenetha child give it ARest Nobody Important Cares What You Have To Say Bitch Damn Getting On My Nerve With This Bullshit Aint You Sombody’s Grandmother Have A Seat NeNe The Broke Down Stripper Dang Nonsense July 24 at 3:12pm / Log in to Reply Gala Nene you need to let this go, if you want to keep the blessings that God has given you, you can’t hold on to forgiveness and bitterness with people. You have to let go of things that you don’t understand and pray for that person even in the mist of the hurt. Don’t lose sight of this because God has so much more for you but the Enemy (Satan) will keep you distracted with the foolish things of the world to stop your blessing. Walk in forgiveness Nene!!! Love you and keeping you guys in my prayers!!! July 24 at 3:21pm / Log in to Reply Nay204 Well said! Wendy will not be the first or last to say something about Nene. She’s in the spotlight ! It comes with the lifestyle. Wendy is just doing her job. Oh and Nene done been on Wendy show about three times and the other cast members. She could care less if she come back. I remember when Nene was throwing Shade at the other cast members, Sharay in particular. Telling Wendy u have to have two of them on at a time for it to be interesting, because Sharay is boring. All I’m saying , if u can dish it be able to take it. July 24 at 8:03pm / Log in to Reply Pwalker25 Nene this is to funny, my husband, really thinks Wendy williams a man in this just put the icing on the cake. That will hold Wendell July 24 at 3:37pm / Log in to Reply Candy123 Your husband has issues. Tell him men don’t make babies. July 24 at 8:29pm / Log in to Reply cimee alston Nene is fake as she wanna be ya she real alright but you’ll never see it..she’ll turn on your as like a rabbit dog..that’s what she brings to the show and I use to love her ass July 24 at 3:41pm / Log in to Reply ksteamer28 OK so it’s okay for Wendy W to throw shade and shoot slugs at Nene on national TV but then when Nene throw Missiles at her ass everybody on defense mode about it lol Listen up WENDY FANS SHE GETTIN A DOSE OF HER OWN MEDICINE LOL REMEMBER SHE A GOSSIP COLUMNIST WELL NENE A SHIT TALKER IT BALANCE OUT WELL SO STOP TRIPPIN THEY DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST LOL WE JUST GET TO WITNESS IT AT ITS BEST LOL AND NENE GOT HER HANDS DOWN #BYE WE-WI WENDELL WITH A WIG LOL July 24 at 3:58pm / Log in to Reply Alma Davis I know you said it right ?!!!….. I am enjoying all the DRAMA that I don’t have in my owe life & the best part about it I don’t even have to get dress or leave my house Looooo…L it’s about time somebody got #WENDELL back I can’t hardly wait to get my CLUTCH #Blooop July 24 at 4:58pm / Log in to Reply Cappygirl NeNe give it up!!.. So many more important things going on in the world… It just is childish at this point- and Wendy’s not even biting. She never does.. It just makes you look worse!!. You said what you said- now leave it alone.. Just sayin! July 24 at 4:11pm / Log in to Reply Biene stop making this about race. i am black and i hear wendy gossiping about white and black people, and she makes fun of herself too. this is so ridiculous to say she puts ALL black women down! watch hot topics please. i am simply over Nene’s I am above everyone attitude, and if Wendy states her opinion why can’t Nene do the same and be done with it? But no, you need to start creating bags, talking about careers, making threats etc etc. ugh!!! you are a grandma, try being a roll model by example. keep it moving July 24 at 4:19pm / Log in to Reply OBDrakeford Hey I love RHOA,I do too but you need to do a Wendy Williams update.Wendy graduated from Northeastern University in Boston wit a BA in communications.Not only did she graduate college,she went on to become a worldwide,well known,successful radio DJ.With legendary stations like 98.7 kiss FM,and Sexy 97.1 in NY.Wendy also had her own syndicated TV show (the original) The Wendy Williams show.Wendy aloo had a show on vh1 called “The Wendy Williams Experience”.See,when you a Boss Chick you get to have your name in the title.;-)” Not only has Wendy been on Broadway,she has all been on DWTS,At the Venetian in Vegas,and a few movie appearances.Wendy also has a few bestsellers in Barnes n Nobles.I love Kandi,Kenya,Pheadra,Cynthia,Porsha,and NeNe too when she is here on earth with us,but to degrade Wendy?No!!Wendy is a beautiful full figured woman,smart,witty,funny,and caring person who with laugh with you,cry with you,and read you your rights.She is also a good mom,and wife.She loves her mother,and father.I have one question that rang through America like the presidents name, HOW YOU DOIN? July 24 at 4:41pm / Log in to Reply Cappygirl Exactly!!.. Wendy isn’t paying her any mind, (she never does) and NeNe is looking very childish.. Her behavior has been so bad this past season on RHOA- she can’t even get along with Cynthia. her constant I’m above everybody and I’m So rich- is sooo off putting.. classless July 24 at 6:00pm / Log in to Reply kim brown-barnes All of you NeNe leaks haters should go have a seat next to the rest of the haters…Bloop!!! July 24 at 4:46pm / Log in to Reply Alma Davis Alma Davis I love it…everybody saying this is Childish have u ever had some one on national television always coming for you?? A person will never as long as they have breath in their body will lose being n their feelings yes (That part right there) Stop defaming other people’s name #ByeWendell #INeverCared4SellOuts #BLOOP #TeanNeneRideOrDie #YouMad #LOL July 24 at 4:47pm / Log in to Reply Candy123 Lol just don’t say hi to her in the streets, I heard she treats her fans like shit. July 24 at 8:24pm / Log in to Reply OBDrakeford NeNe babe.I will be right here to watch when your show airs.I know you are destined for greatness,because you are already awesome.Let’s let this one slide babe.Its her job.Love you boo. July 24 at 4:55pm / Log in to Reply Nay204 Wendy been dishing dirt for yrs ! Even on people way more relevant. It’s her job. Nene been on this chick show about two three times. She know how Wendy is. DID SHE think she was exempt? Oh come on Nene, and as much as she talk about folks! How she gonna call somebody a man ? Girl Bye!!! July 24 at 8:10pm / Log in to Reply brie1116 I’m just curious about what Wendy did to make everyone so upset. I love Wendy and I love NeNe but never in my mind did I think a feud was happening. Wendy commented on her bag and said NeNe wasn’t as rich as Kim K. What’s the big deal? I’m surprised how far NeNe had taken it. I thought she was above social media bashing. Guarantee that you won’t hear a response from Wendy. Just saying July 24 at 8:56pm / Log in to Reply brie1116 The past few days have really changed my opinion of NeNe… July 24 at 8:59pm / Log in to Reply slimcoffee NeNe, I onced admired how you were a realist; however, I am very disappointed in your actions following the Wendy Williams opinion/comment. You are too classy to engage in this type of petty behavior. Wendy gives her OPINION about every celebrity. Thats why people tune in to her talk show. It’s similar to how you give your authentic opinion to the women on RHATL. You stated that you are a rich bitch; blow it off and keep your sassy yet classy character that you embody so well! I’m still #teamNeNe. July 24 at 9:33pm / Log in to Reply immanentce I find it rather amusing how Wendy Williams is being revered as Mother Theresa, Oprah, Michelle Obama, etc. Not! Educated? Yes. Popular? Yes. Business Woman? Yes. Classy? Absolutely not! Yes, her money maker is hot topics. That is what she gets paid to do, but she is hypocritical, self-righteous and lacks integrity. After drugs, multiple marriages, years building her trash talk brand and then settling down to being a suga mama, Wendy Williams is still no different from the reality TV we have all grown to love or hate. Insecurity breeds a false sense of self-importance…Wendy never fails to toot her little horn every chance she gets. Humility is golden. Hopefully NeNe will keep it moving so that she can elevate her brand for the right purpose unlike Wendy Williams who after 30+ years in the business, has no legacy to leave behind. Nonewhatsoever. July 25 at 2:40am / Log in to Reply Dominick Ferguson No legacy to leave behind? Wrong! She is not only in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.; but, is also in the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. Also, the street that she grew up on is called “Wendy Williams Way”. July 25 at 9:29am / Log in to Reply immanentce For 30+ years of trash talk/gossip/how YOU doin’ phrase /a diva fan???…a legacy??? Sweetheart please! You really do need to elevate your mind and find a REAL role model. Let me help you…FLOTUS. Do you understand that, my friend? July 26 at 9:48am / Log in to Reply gloria66 Wendell needs to sit her bitch assume down somewhere. All I can say is , Wendell started all of this. Bye Wendell because Nene is going to end it. July 25 at 5:16am / Log in to Reply BIG SEXY U NEED TO LET THAT GO NENE!! IT WASNT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT COMMENT WENDY WILLIAM MADE!! BUT U STILL CARING ON AND ACTING REAL CHILDISH!! I WISH WENDY WILL COMMENT ON YOUR POSTING BUT I DONT THINK SHE WILL SCOOP TO YOUR LEVEL. AND FOR YOU TO STILL POSTING WHAT WENDY SAID SHE MUST HIT A NERVE R IT MUST BE TRUE K. KARDASHION MONEY IS LONGER THAN YOURS. AND THE ATTITUDE U HAVE ON THE REAL ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES IF THEY GIVE U A TALK SHOW U BEST BELIEVE IT WONT LAST, IJS (BLOOP) 😉 July 25 at 9:26am / Log in to Reply immanentce Stoop to her level? Wendy Williams is a gutter-based celebrity. She is not on ANY level. She has no class. July 26 at 10:15am / Log in to Reply Roya’le Little WOW SMH… I HAVE READ A LOT OF NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON WHAT WENDY SAID ABOUT NENE’S BAG THAT SHE BOUGHT WITH HER OWN MONEY…… NENE IS ALSO DOING THIS FOR A CAUSE….. MY THOUGHT ON THIS IS THAT NENE NOT EVEN RESPOND TO ANYTHING WENDY PUT OUT THERE ON TV LAND TOWARDS HER… KILL HER WITH KINDNESS… YOU SEE WENDY DON’T SAY ANTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT P DIDDY.. CAUSE HE BANNED HER FROM NYC WHEN SHE WAS IN RADIO… NENE JUST BANNED HER BY BEING SILENT !! July 26 at 2:03am / Log in to Reply Patricia Matthews That’s true Diddy banned Wendy from NY. He also had her fired frpm Sexy 97 radio back in the day. People should learn the history to understamd reactions or how to react to Wendy and her slick comments about celebs. July 26 at 9:11am / Log in to Reply poneatha82 LOVE IT