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One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. At least that’s what Heidi Klum leaked pics tells us. That the American Idol host is not shy at all and flaunting the sexy body. Well would love to get a date with this German sexy empowering super model. A model, turned reality TV show host? She’s so smoking hot, I could watch her do anything all day. Her body is so fucking amazing, even after all those kids. Honestly her sexy long legs and amazing bikini body just rocks.
Heidi Klum | Celeb Masta 67
Heidi Klum sunbathing without her bikini bottom or top, exposing her ass and sexy figure in this selfie.

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These are her latest fully undressed photos-shoot collection. she claims that after all these years Heidi Klum became more confident with her body to show it all.

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Everyone loves a hot blonde. And we all know everyone loves Heidi Klum. I mean, who doesn’t? She is probably the stunning woman on the planet. Her little super model ass and tits paired with that tall, skinny physique? If I met her on the street, I’d ask her out on a date not giving an ass rats if she is famous. I mean, who could pass that up? But seriously, she has that stare that makes you horny in seconds. And her accent? The way she talks is so fucking sexy! Wish there was more of that in these pictures!

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