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Nothing says sexy like a hot brunette. They don’t get enough credit, but actresses like Michelle Monaghan let the world know just how amazing they really are. This incredibly sexy actress, best known for her bad ass roles in movies like Mission Impossible and Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie, puts other women to shame with her fit body. With a flat stomach, tight ass, and perfect sized tits, Michelle Monaghan is epitome of the perfect Alexandra Daddario body type. These images show her beautiful curves.

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Anyone that is willing to play the love interest of Tom Cruise has got to be a pretty understanding and laid back chick. I mean, with an attitude and height like he has, you’d have to be pretty down to stay professional. Which is why we know she’d be an awesome fuck buddy. But seriously, these open, sexy photos from Rebecca Ferguson make us think she’s pretty experimental and slutty like Ashley Benson in the sack. We wouldn’t mind testing it out if given the opportunity.  


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