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After all these years, Angelina Jolie is still the world’s number 1 sex symbol. She is also the best example of an actress. Who can go hot no matter the number of times and still manage to have a respectable career. As of a slut Jolie is, she took Brad Pitt from beautiful celebrity Jennifer Aniston which shocked the world the dream couple broke up.

Sexy Angelina Jolie Topless & Tits Photos Collection

All these pictures where taken from hot scenes Jolie made through out the years, the pictures where she is topless by a Mansion is her own house where paparazzi snapped a few celebs photos of her. The siren sizzles in every film that she stars in but these film show Jolie. In her raw, inhabited and totally sexy actress. That men, lesbians and bi’s love her for. If you have never seen Angelina Jolie’s hot sex scenes in some of her old movies. Such as GIA and Changeling, then you do not know what you are missing. Angelina Jolie once declared the world’s sexiest woman. Im sure Mila Kunis has about the same size lips then Angelina. Because they both love blowing their husbands a lot, or smoke a lot of weed. She has a super humanly sensual built body, and amazing voluptuous lips. Beautiful succulent boobies and trust me. That the first thing you would imagine is how it feels between those lips. My entire life I have never seen a woman who knows how to take in the dick and make that facial expression in a perfect “O” with her lips. Jolie’s reaction to a deep penetration will definitely make a perverted starved guy cum in their pants. No wonder most of her movies had such a huge audience.


Married to Brad Pitt and have five children some adopted. Angelina Jolie Pitt was born in June 4th 1975 is an American Filmmaker, an actress and a humanitarian. She is definitely makes the top 100 celebrity hacked hot list on Ximage of all time. featured Mrs Jolie has received an Academy Award and two screen actors Guild Awards and other three Golden Globe awards and is also Hollywood’s highest paid actress. In spite of her latest tribulations we still find Jolie super hoot and will always remain the number one sex symbol of all time.

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