Melissa Johnston

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Melissa Johnston is an American actress and model born in Canada. She is best known for her role as Sue in the series “Barely legal”. This scene Melissa totally exposes her vagina just like Margot Robbie and Rosario Dawson did in their famous scenes.

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It's believed that after this movie, Johnston became more popular. Definitely this is because of her sex skills and willingness to show more than we can imagine. You will go with the latter after you have watched the video we have of her masturbating while in shower. Honestly this is how most cosplayers (Belle Delphine) and actresses (Kate Upton) should be doing shower scenes, where they have their vagina fully shaved and not hiding it behind a huge bush.

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There are also more videos and revealing pics of her topless body. During intimate movie scenes. The babe isn't shy to show off her boobs with steady nipples which will beg you to play with. Johnston reminds us of super model Billie Eilish who is not shy flaunting her body without and cloth.

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