Melissa Benoist

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It is sometimes difficult when people are looking at you as their role model. Then something comes out that makes them question their ideas about you. That is exactly what happened to sexy Melissa Benoist. Who happens to have featured as super girl but the fruits of her past came to hunt her. As a super girl, was supposed to act as a role model to girls and women but after the icloud stolen private photos the only superpower our super girl possessed was the power to make a guy cum. Yes of course she does not have big boobs like others however looks amazing. Having hardcore taped porn style stills taken with boyfriend.

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Melissa Benoist pics where leaked online and unlike her costar’s. The GIF showed her getting banged by her boyfriend, from different positions. How bad could they get lol. Born Melissa Marie Benoist on October 4th 1988 is an American Actress and singer. Being popularly known for portraying the little character in the CBC superhero drama series Super girl. Rose to stardom for her portrayal of Marley on the fourth and the fifth seasons of the comedy drama glee.


As I have always said if you are a star, do not ever take private selfies. You never know when hackers will strike again. This girl showed it to everyone how it is done the right way, if you post your ass might as well do it Hardcore style. After all Melissa Benoist proved that amateur home made sex tapes are much more entertaining then just pure old girls sponsored