Bettie Page

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Bettie Page known professionally as Bettie Page was an American model who gained significant popularity in the 50’s for her pin up photos. Just like many young girls in the 50’s she moved to the infamous city of Light New York to become an actress. She was famous like Kitten Natividad, flashing those boobs and ass making that money like a good slut would!

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Unlike many who fail, she got something even better. A career as a pin up and software porn model. Her sex appeal was all over the roof and the fact she was willing to pose for almost anything made her a star among the perverts of the fifties.

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One thing I have always appreciated about her was bikini body. She had a nice body that would definitely fit into any type of clothe design. She also had a round ass that kept men drooling for more of her explicit photos.

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Betty was actually surprised at the number of her pictures out here and the amount people are making out of pictures of her boobies. Her large boobies kept men dreaming of her.

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Lest we forget women from the 50’s liked their pushy bushy and she kept it just like that. She was a perfect sex symbol. Sadly those perky nipples never earned her so much and she ended up poor and miserable in her later years.
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