Martha Higareda

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Martha Higerda is a Mexican actress, producer and screenwriter. She is an up and coming actress. And will leave nothing on her way. Till she makes sure has become popular. She is known to have broad shoulders and strong flanks. That make her appear somewhat like a guy. But these features also make her look even a stronger beautiful woman. Especially when she is not in anything than her birthday suit revealing her big boobs and ass on screen.

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Her boobies are still strong and somewhat round. I have to admit her appearing topless with her nipples standing like that. Must be the most beautiful thing. To ever happen to humanity of course after watching Angelina Jolie in skin.

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This hot actress will with no doubt give you a wild boner in Altered Carbon. When she is first hot showing her magnificent side boobs. She then moves across the room. And you could see her tiny ass which could barely shake. But this deter her slayer from slaying the shit out of her.

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In this Netflix series Martha Higareda. She done quite few erotic scenes in Altered Carbon's first season and we fell in love, with that hard short sexy body of hers. Portraying the character Detective Kristin Ortega everyone wants to bang her in the series. On the end of the show Martha goes full frontal exposing her beautiful ass and big boobs to her fans for more followers. If her scenes won’t give you some serious boners. Then I don’t think anything ever will, perhaps spreading apart her legs and holes in front of your face. live girls sponsored