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There really is something about Asian women like Lucy Lui ass. They just have this ability to be cute and luscious at the same time, with their short skirts and, often times, school girl get-ups. Makes you want to fuck each and every one of them including luscious Jane March who’s body is so lustful. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Lucy Liu, probably the most popular female Asian woman in the world, is super fucking lustful too. I mean, what a kick-ass, luscious woman. You’re gonna love these pictures of her if you agree. Honestly if you want to see lustful Asian celebrity then Brenda Song is much sexier then Lucy.

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This is really what dreams are made of, ladies and gentlemen. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Lucy Liu celebs? She’s got the most perfect body. That ass is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and her tits are out of this world. Plus, with a pussy like that, what’s not to love? But really, She is such a bad ass woman, and I bet she is really slutty, too. I mean, think about those scenes in Charlie’s Angels with Cameron where you just get so horny watching her whip everyone into shape. Or even Elementary, where she’s so fucking smart but incredibly lustful while doing it.


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