Laura Vandervoort

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Laura Vandervoort is a Canadian actress. She is popularly known for her role as Sadie Harrison in CTV; s drama series “Instant Star”. This beautiful babe is undeniably gorgeous and very hot with a sexy bikini body. Damn! Her co-star from V was sexy Morena Baccarin and let me tell you that woman is hot!

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The blondie can make you feel a lot of stuff in your groins by just looking at her. This fact is especially true when you get to see her topless. Sure we love to see a homemade sex tape, just like her look alike Melissa Benoist from the Super Girl TV series. And those boobs are so perfect and can fit right on my huge arms.

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Some people might consider her too petite, but this is even better. In fact that those nipples can make you forget the small size of her ass. There are photos of Laura posing on a tank top with no panties.

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We definitely get to see her bushy pussy. Sadly, they look fake. Laura Vandervoort should show us her pussy to stop making people photoshop. live girls sponsored