Laia Costa

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Laia Costa is a Spanish actress. She became an overnight sensation in 2016 after her unscripted largely improvised performance at the center of the nerve-wracking Berlin heist thriller “Victoria “earned her a Lola for the best actress at the German Film Awards.

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You don’t need to tell me twice. Spanish girls are the illest and the bomb. They have thick hips and ass and Laia is no exception. She has appeared in a number of explicit sex scenes and has never disappointed. Laia featured in quite a number of movies where she goes a little bit more than topless.

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Clearly, the Spanish actress enjoys exposing her small boobs. Probably because most of the scenes that require her to show off her full frontals are dark. This babe has also taken roles as a lesbian and killed it. Luckily, in some of these scenes, we get to see part of her shaved pussy.

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Hopefully next time we would be able to see more of that pussy slit. Laia Costa has a really nice ass, to be honest. I can only imagine squeezing them tight during sex. live girls sponsored