Julie Warner

Revealing Julie Warner Sex Scene Video

When watching a movie like Doc Hollywood, it’s not necessarily that it’s so sexy or so full of sexy things. Or so amazingly hot that gets you turned on. No it’s just a normal romantic comedy. But you can’t help but be mesmerized by Julie Warner. Check her amazing pussy and tits out as she walks out of the water with those hard nipples. I mean, seriously, this chick is so gorgeous. The absolute most perfect bikini body in existence, with that little waist, great tits and tight little ass. No wonder Michael J. Fox leaves an incredible job opportunity to go back to bum fuck no where and live with her. I would probably choose to do the same thing with a pussy like that.


Julie Warner has that timeless 80's/90's vibe going for her. That down girl with the big hair has us wanting to settle down, too. So hot.live girls sponsored