Kaitlyn Dever

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Kaitlyn Dever is one of America’s Hollywood’s top emerging young actress. She is best known for her role as Eve Baxter in Last Man Standing. Her petite body and frame reminds us of Florence Pugh tiny little pussy as well tits. Kaitlyn Dever

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Since canceling of the “Last Man Standing” she decided to engage herself in other money-making projects. Now she flaunts her titties and ass in order to remain relevant in the industry.

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Kaitlyn has a well-toned tummy and a beautiful bareback. We can’t say her bikini body is off but the girl doesn’t have curves. Men love curves with a little bit of ass.

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For someone her age, her boobies are looking okay. She also shaves her pussy clean and neat. This girl is the definition of a spinner and petite hot little woman with a world class ass and curves.

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