Jenny McCarthy

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Keep your minds in the gutter people for Jenny McCarthy wouldn’t want it any other way. The potty-mouthed bombshell has once again decided to give us her stock of non-perishables. Probably you were one of the people who thought that Jenny had finally hanged her boots from daring it all. Then came the icloud hacking incident where her private pics where stolen. The 41 year old is not new in the hot world. She has been in Playboy back in the 90’s. Her ass have been around for as long as I can remember.

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Men if you are wondering what kind of a man our favorite wild girl messes up with. She reveled to Howard Stern Jenny McCarthy Interview that she likes the 50 shade type of men also that she went through 400 adult sex toys and vibrators. Which means she had lots of many boyfriends in her life well simply put she is a fuck machine. And she revealed that the domineering one who will make her scream the hell out of her skin. Sure she loves to have sex as well as you can tell with her boy toy. And oh yes she also revealed her new ability to squirt and hates the submissive type. There you have it now. Born Jennifer Ann McCarthy in 1972 Evergreen Park Illinois. A model, an actress, an author, a screenwriter a comedienne and an anti-vaccine activist.


Unfortunately, the leaked photos did not just show one or two of her bikini body. But tones of her sexy pictures. One of them had a guy banging her from behind. That makes me wonder who that guy could be since Donnie Wahlberg is her husband. Well that is none of our business for now. Just know if by any chance you have got Jenny’s fetish. These are enough pussy and ass selfies that make you last for at least a girls sponsored