Jennette McCurdy

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After giving her co-star too much hot publicity, the internet is finally giving Jennette McCurdy the airtime she deserves. You all know her. She has literately grown up on your screens. Most of you loved her as a teen star. But I am not sure if you will like her as much as an adult. She has done well on the screens and you can tell she loves acting. What else does she like if not taking raunchy selfies like Jenny McCarthy with a fuck boi. So today we are happy to break out our private stash of these pics of her tits and amazing pussy hots causing the internet brouhaha.

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After her co-star went ahead to become one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Jennette McCurdy has resolved to posing hot to remain relevant. Sure some other famous asses Victoria Justice are more filthy then others. However, in one of the photos she is seen holding her juicy boobies. Trying to squeeze them while her hard nipples are facing heaven. Because that is where she will be taking you in your wild fantasies.   In the second pic we see her ass in a lace thong and the ass looks fine meaty and well rounded. Another picture the former child star bends with her ass facing the mirror. Too bad for the white thong she was in that left very little for imagination even on Miranda Cosgrove leaked photos. There are a number of other selfies like the one she stands in front of the mirror and we see all the glories right before our eyes.


Born Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy in June 6th 1992 is an American screenwriter, actress singer, producer and songwriter. She is best known for her role as Sam Punkett on Nickeldon. She has to remain relevant and might, even star in a homemade sex tape to remain girls sponsored