Elisha Cuthbert

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I feel like Canadian chicks don’t get enough appreciation. But Elisha Cuthbert, a famous Canadian actress is super smoking hot. If this country is producing chicks like her, we may need to reconsider who we’re putting our focus on. I mean talk about a blonde bombshell. She is the most talented actress in existence. But she did star in The Girl Next Door, which automatically makes her sexy. You remember how hot she was there, and she’s even more hot in these photos of sexy Selena Gomez up skirt caught by paparazzi!

Hot Elisha Cuthbert Sex Scenes Photos

I don’t know why you have waited this long to check out these images of Elisha Cuthbert. Seriously, she is one of the stunning chicks I’ve ever seen. I really am down for the blonde chicks. She is so stereotypical hot. Huge boobs that you just want to suck on, an ass that looks like it needs some serious ramming, and a pussy that could take dick for days. And let’s be real, any girl playing the girl next door has to be a slut. I mean, how can you play such an iconic type of character and be a prude? It’s just not likely.


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