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Here’s a name that’s been around for a long time. Considered one of the first, and one of the stunning, female race car drivers in the world, Danica Patrick has been making dudes wet for years. I mean, between her modeling, her driving, and her advertising, Danica has been a wet dream for ages. From teenagers to old men, she makes shivers run down your back from all the bad-ass and luscious driving she’s doing.

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Nothing say lustful like a brunette chick. I mean, call me crazy but blondes just aren’t my style. I prefer those cunning and luscious brunette chicks any time. So of course Danica Patrick is no different. I mean just look at her. I mean, she doesn’t have the hugest tits on the planet, but they are good enough. It that ass that has us begging for more. Or maybe it’s her pussy? I mean, definitely a tie between the two. She shows them both off so freely, so clearly this woman is kind of slut. We’re more than okay with that.


Don’t take my word for it. Give these lustful photos of the ever luscious Danica Patrick one more look over. You won’t regret the feelings it will give you.

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