Bae Suzy

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Bae Suzy better known as Mononym Suzy is a South Korean Singer and actress. She is best known as one of the members of the girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment. Unlike most of the girls I have listed before, she doesn’t have a great body but I can confirm to you that she is thick as fuck. This comes from the Korean kind of girls. She beats Lucy Liu any day in looks. Obviously its not her on this fuck scene so before you cunts start bitching. Just watch this look alike of her.

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You will come to realize that most Korean girls big thighs and wide shoulders and big curves. But that doesn’t give her big boobies or attractive nipples. Even her side boob is hardly recognizable.

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However, let’s not ignore the fact that’s he has a really cute smile, a glowing skin and a very good personality. Of course, some perverts will wonder what the fuck does a good personality got to do with her pussy or her voluptuous ass.

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Well that’s something you will never get with the likes of Nicki who has big boobies but do you think you can even get closer to those perky nipples. It needs personality to know who can be generous and who cannot.

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Finally, her good friend also shares that Bae Suzy likes to admire herself in front of the mirror to see which body part is big, small or not there anymore. live girls sponsored