Azealia Banks

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Azelealia Amanda Banks is an American Rapper, singer, songwriter and actress. She is best known for being a wild cat and feral. Totally comfortable with her sexy sexy bikini body. And will definitely let us enjoy with the eye candy she has to offer. The curvaceous cutie is always bursting out of those clothes. With her full hips and huge boobs just begging to pop out of her tops. In all honesty Amber Rose cant compete with Mrs. Banks!

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Unlike most celebrities like Billie Catherine Lourd who had their explicit photos leaked by some malicious pervert out there, she leaked her own. She was dying for attention to be famous Tyra Banks model wannabe and shared a video of her big fake boobs to followers.

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The 27 year old is known to have a spicy attitude and is reported to have once spit in a man’s face for blocking her path off a Delta Airlines flight.  Fame must be getting to her head a bit. And she is definitely doing what famous people do, they go unclothed.

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The singer posed for an entire full frontal photo shoot to celebrate the drop and posted several of the images on Instagram to discuss the making of the track.  She also loves keeping her pussy bushy and is known to be an advocate for the January. Besides having a Bikini body and has killer side boobs. In short Azealia Banks is another sexy Nicki Minaj pop star in the making. live girls sponsored