Lady Gaga ZeroGColony Space Music Concert

Artist Lady Gaga Music Festival Performing in Space

Lady Gaga officially took her performance out of this world to the next level by performing in space. The pop star confirmed E! News she will be using Zero G Colony to fly. a three-day hi-tech music festival, is set to take place at Spaceport America, New Mexico, and the climax of the even will feature the Mother Monster performing the first ever gig in outer space.

Show Cancelled With Lady Gaga In Space Shuttle

While some reports suggest Zero G Colony is a tech festival, we’ve learned that the event is a high-concept ground event music festival. Where guests will experience A-list entertainment, music, cutting-edge technology and futuristic attractions. Pop star Lady Gaga will and was going to sing a concert early 2015 in outer space. New was confirmed all over the world that Zero G Colony spaceport from New Mexico in USA. And the spectacular event would have been Lady Gaga to sing and perform on a space shuttle in space. However due to a accident with a previous shuttle the artist cancelled her show and life girls sponsored