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There is nothing better than a lustful chick Tina Fey leaked that can make you laugh. When a woman has a sense of humor. Everyone automatically wants to spend more time with her and fuck her. Because you know it’ll be less serious and more fun. Which is why almost every man has thought about fucking this funny woman. Not only is she a total MILF with luscious brunette hair and a stunning body, but she’s probably the funniest human on the planet.

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I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for photos like these for a long time. She generally slightly awkward and a little modest, does not usually have pictures like this. Really not sure where the images came from, whether leaked or from a private collection but boy are we glad they did! The comedian has the most perfect body, with curves that are so luscious, you want to caress them all night. Those tits are phenomenal, and that ass is absolutely amazing. What more could you want?


Could have one wish, it’d be that Tina Fey would give me a personal comedy show and then fuck me all night. While I don’t see that soon, at least I take what we got.
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