Dancing With The Stars Nene Leakes Tanks All

Dancing With The Stars Nene Leakes Tanks All | Celeb Masta 23

I have received so many tweets and the American Idol show before, texts and emails congratulating me on Dancing With the Stars! Thank you so much for the love and support! It really means a lot to me! So I’ve met my partner Tony Dovolani, what a cutie! I am sure he’s gonna shake a few pounds off of me and I love it! Please vote for us! We plan to bring a lot of fun and excitement to the dance floor! I guess those days as a exotic dancers might pay off LOL! Tune in March 17th at 8pm on ABC. ~ Celeb Masta




I’ll be watching just because you’re on.
March 5 at 9:36am / Log in to Reply

Beverly Rhett

Congratulations on being selected! As you are blessed, be a blessing to others! No more shady lady antics please! I want to see her on American Idol
March 5 at 9:37am / Log in to Reply

Charlene Rock

U go gurl..they cant keep real diva down!!! I will watch just cuz u are on there,normally dont care for the show!!
March 5 at 9:54am / Log in to Reply

Shakira Samuel

Congratulations #teamfeatherfoot
March 5 at 9:54am / Log in to Reply

Anthony Alexander Hamilton Druitt

Congrats Nee Nee.. can’t wait to see U shake it up girl…. love ya
March 5 at 11:00am / Log in to Reply


Congrats Nene, I’ll be watching!
March 5 at 1:23pm / Log in to Reply

Miss FiFi

#TeamNeNe Lets win that mirror ball trophy! Although it’s not fair that ur up against those two damned Olympic Gold
Figure Skaters…
March 5 at 1:50pm / Log in to Reply


Congratulations! Show ‘em how we get down in the South. Stay prayed up Nene!
March 5 at 2:07pm / Log in to Reply

Valerie Stewart

March 5 at 3:28pm / Log in to Reply

Lailas Mom

Ms. Stewart….You don’t have to like NeNe. The problem is that you got on her page and wished her to lose…Who is NASTY? You do not even know this woman. By the way, confidence in a woman does not mean she thinks she is better than anyone else!
March 5 at 5:10pm / Log in to Reply


I think what you said was very “Nasty” all you know about this lady is the 30 minutes they air of her life on TV, I’m sure ur a kenya fan and all which only further let’s us know you like drama, bc that’s all she does in every scene she was in the captain of the mess pod, anyway to NeNe I’m happy for ur progress in life, anybody with ambition can obtain just what she has.
March 6 at 11:18am / Log in to Reply

Prince Jarvis

Congratulations again!!! Excited to see you on the show.
March 5 at 3:39pm / Log in to Reply

Alphonzia Kent Barrett

Congrats!!!!!! I will be watching.
March 5 at 3:55pm / Log in to Reply


I can’t wait! Do yor best.
March 5 at 5:35pm / Log in to Reply

Ms. Smith

Congratulations NeNe enjoy yourself!
March 5 at 7:41pm / Log in to Reply

Deltricia Williams

Congratulations Nene…I will be voting for you, hope you guys win…

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