Summer Glau

Summer Glau Body Curves Rock

Here’s a name a lot of you cult classic television fans will recognize in an instant. Summer Glau has dabbled in a lot of sci-fi and superhero roles, like Arrow’s Ravager and The 4400 as Tess. But really her most well known role is on the short lived space drama Firefly, where she plays slightly psychotic River who controls shit with her mind. Even then, we all wanted to fuck her and now, seeing her celebs, makes it even more so the case.

Hot Photos of Summer Glau Tits & Booty

This chick has always had the most banging body. I mean, with all those little slip dresses she wears in firefly, it left only a little bit to the imagination. But it was enough to make seeing this pictures surprising an pleasurable. Girl has got a great pair of tits. Not too big, but also not so small that you can’t grab them. Truly, they are the perfect size for groping. Then you have her ass, which is probably the most important part. For such a tiny girl, she has this perfectly huge ass just coming out the back of her like a nice, tight present for our sexual pleasure.


Wanting to fuck Summer Glau is like wanting another slice of pizza when you’ve finished the whole pie. You’re probably not going to get it but you can still girls sponsored