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Here is one Stacy Haiduk Juicy Sex Scene Videos of the horror movie esque films that make you cringe a little bit, but you watch it because it’s sort of interesting and has hot chicks. Luther the Geek is about a dude that kills people by eating off their heads with his sharp dentures. I kid you not, someone wrote this movie. But, the best part by far, is Stacy Haiduk, who plays in a supporting role.

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Sexy Scenes with Stacy Haiduk

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I’ll be honest, I am only watching this heinous movie for Stacy Haiduk. She is known for being in strange shit, but it works for her because she shines like a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak screenplay. I mean, clearly they added this chick to bring life to the movie. I watch her and know admire that banging body. I completely forget how bizarre this was and just feel the overwhelming desire to fuck her.


Stacy is the kind of chick you’ve always wanted but never knew about until your friend suggested you “try something new” on Netflix.

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