Stacy Haiduk

Hot Stacy Haiduk Sex Scene Video

Stacy Haiduk in the horror films that make you cringe a little bit, but you watch it because it’s sort of interesting and has hot chicks. Luther the Geek is about a dude that kills people by eating off their heads with his sharp dentures. I kid you not, someone wrote this movie. But, the best part by far, is Stacy Haiduk, who plays in a supporting role showing her tits with Lauren Cohan and Lindsay Lohan full frontal movie scenes. I'll be honest, I am only watching this heinous movie for Stacy Haiduk. She is known for being in strange movies. But it works for her because she shines like a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak screenplay. I mean, clearly they added this chick to bring life to the movie. I watch her and know admire that banging girls sponsored