Sophie Brussaux

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Im sure you cam across of her lately of Sophie Brussaux and her porn work on the internet. Odds are you have heard about escalating tensions between two rapper Pusha T and Drake. These entertainers are certainly putting on a great drama show if you ask me. Lets take a closer look at Drake’s baby mother, who got knocked up by the rapper with that big fat ass. Seriously guys she is just another French harlot that made it in life being good at what French girl do.

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We learned that rapper Drake knocked up Sophie Brussaux we where not surprised. Every fan on the planet wanted to find out who the lucky lady is. That is going to be a millionaire now. And why isn't me so wonder many girls out there. So we found out that its no one else but Sophie Brussaux a girl with butt implants and thinks is sexy. She also was a sex worker and in the business flashing that pussy. As well her big fat ass on camera craving to get famous. Easy route is to go fuck a big artist musician and get pregnant by them, then collect child support for millions.


Ever since the news came out big tits Sophie Brussaux left the adult entertainment. Pursuing art as a career, of course she did so news articles write about what a good girls she is after collecting millions from her baby daddy's pockets. Well there you have all the information you needed to know about Drakes new girlfriend, wife and baby mamma.  live girls sponsored